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Today on my blog, I’m sharing over 20 products that have been INSTRUMENTAL in helping me organize my life and productivity, as someone with ADHD. I was first diagnosed with ADHD around 2011 — and then I **promptly** did nothing with that information for about 7 ish years, and dang that was a poor life choice of mine!

With the advent of TikTok, podcasts, and all that jazz telling you what you “NEED” to buy for your ADHD, I am writing to you to today to cut THROUGH THAT NOISE and share what SPECIFIC products have worked for me. As well as a few I’m trying out, and a couple I’ve bought — but haven’t tried.

Hey, I’m just being honest here!

This blog post is all about ADHD products.

ADHD products
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ADHD Products

Before I get going on what ADHD products have been MOST impactful and beneficial in my life, I want to share a few ADHD hacks on just my LIVING space that have been instrumental. If you’d like more of these kinds of tips, you can scroll down to the end of my post and click for over 70 more of them.

I’m kind of obsessed with ADHD products and hacks, lol.

My Tips:

  1. AUTO-DELIVERY: I have a rule with my ADHD and that is this: Whenever I encounter a problem, I ask myself, “How can I avoid having this problem in the future? How can I NEVER AGAIN have this problem?” One of the problems I have is always losing my phone chargers. Instead of crying about it and having an existential ADHD crisis / self-flagellation party (sound familiar? lol), I instead get chargers on auto-ship from Amazon. They show up every 3 months. I’ve never encountered the problem of not having chargers, because those babies show up like CLOCKWORK!
  2. BUY IN BULK: This next tip isn’t as useful for folks in small living spaces, but it’s been a gamechanger for me! About once a quarter, I go to CostCo and buy ALL the non-perishables I need, from paper towels to toilet paper to toothpaste. I *never* have to worry about running out of TP, and this make weekly grocery runs easier.
  3. DELIVERY: I’ve been disappointed with the performance of Instacart shoppers in Utah (I’m just outside of Salt Lake City), but these folks are MACHINES in larger urban areas. I think every person with ADHD should get an instacart membership — save time and money and get your shit DELIVERED. Folks with ADHD can lose a lot of time (and time is money, baby) to searching for things and other ADHD-moments. Get that time BACK with an instacart membership!

Alright, now that I’ve shared my authentic and real talk PERSONAL tips with you, let’s get to the ADHD products!

business and career coach brianne huntsman
Hey bestie! I hate seeing regurgitated advice from faceless people on the internet (seeing the same advice across websites!), so I wanted to introduce myself to you REAL QUICK — so you know a bona fide human MF being is talking to you!

My name is Brianne Huntsman, AKA “The Huntswoman,” and I’m an LGBT lifestyle blogger from Salt Lake City, Utah! I write about plus size fashion, business, career topics (I have a career coaching business), and, of course, ADHD!

This roundup includes the REAL AND ACTUAL products I use for managing my own ADHD brain, and I hope they help you out! I’ve also included links to a bunch of other resources from my experience with ADHD at the end of this post!

Questions? Comments? Wanna fight? (Lol JOKES!) You can always send me a DM on Instagram with questions or suggestions, or shoot me an email here!

The Huntswoman

#1 ADHD Products: White Noise Machine

I FREAKING LOVE MY WHITE NOISE MACHINE! Specifically, this aesthetic hexagon dude from Amazon. Also available in black, this little white noise machine is a game changer for my SLEEP and PRODUCTIVITY. I first found this little guy when staying with my besties in NYC a few years ago. They had a couple of these in their apartment, using it when one housemate got up WAY earlier than others, as well as when someone was working remotely and taking calls. Also, NYC is NOISY, so these were super helpful.

And besties, when I got back home to Utah? I missed these little gadgets! I immediately ordered one for myself (sitting in bed at 11PM missing the white noise), and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve gone through a couple in the last years (I take them when I travel, and I’m not.. very gentle with them, lol). If I was less of a chaos muppet, I think they’d last more like 3 years-ish. But I *AM* a chaos muppet and buy one every 6 months to a year.

Shop this ADHD product here!

#2 ADHD Products: Clear Fridge Organizers

Do you have issues with food spoiling in your fridge, because you FORGOT YOU BOUGHT IT. Just last night, I had to throw away a meal from a bougie deli in my town that I was EXCITED to eat, because I FORGOT IT EXISTED.


While I’m definitely not perfect in the food waste category, I have gotten a LOT better by using handy dandy clear containers for stuff in my fridge. No, I’m not saying to go full TikTok Mom and put everything in new packaging (lol that is literally NOT going to happen), rather that using things like this drink dispenser and a few other clear containers has been helpful.

Also, using that TikTok ADHD trick of putting sauces in the vegetable crisper drawers and leaving vegetables out. I keep carrots and snackable vegetables in my fridge door, so I REMEMBER THEY FREAKING EXIST.

ADHD is wild, y’all!

Get this ADHD product here!

#3 ADHD Products: ADHD Timer for Your Desk

Ok, real talk — I bought this little dude about a year ago, and I haven’t used it much. I travel so much for work and work from coffee shops (hello from Starbucks, where just snagged a latte as big as my head!), so I don’t have as much of a need for this as I thought.

BUT, I think this could be SUPER useful for people who need a timer for cleaning or other work tasks. When I have a big and overwhelming project, I like to chunk it down into smaller sections. I set a timer on my phone with an ANNOYING alarm and then do it for 17 or 23 minutes — then I’m done for the day.

It’s better to half-ass something and get it done over a week or two, than waffle in ADHD-orbit and worry about it for six months.

It’s better to half-ass something and get it done over a week or two, than waffle in ADHD-orbit and worry about it for six months.

SO! TLDR this is a great gadget to try, but it wasn’t as useful for me!

Get this ADHD product here!

#4 ADHD Products: ADHD Clock

With my ADHD, I have learned that to REMEMBER something I need it to be OBNOXIOUS AND BIG in my field of vision.

This clock is basically a giant version of the above little timer, great for when you’re cleaning and go to the opposite side of the room. My friend Sarah Conley posted about this on Twitter back in the day, and it’s lived rent-free in my mind.

Have I tried it? Not yet. I’m lucky enough to be able to hand off most cleaning (I’ve hired a cleaning service), so this isn’t as useful for me! But for folks who are cleaning their own homes, this can be super helpful to cut down on overwhelm. Set the timer, clean, then walk away when the clock stops!

Check out this ADHD product here!

#5 ADHD Products: Audible for Reading && Personal Development

If you have ADHD and you haven’t at LEAST tried to use Audible for books, then you simply MUST conduct an experiment on this, ASAP!!! I find that I NEED audible for doing any personal development or learning, audio is THE WAY.

Plus, you can use “ADHD monkey brain” to your advantage, running errands, doing chores, etc, while listening to Audible.

Shop this ADHD product here!

#6 ADHD Products: Atomic Habits


This book has been so helpful and life changing! (Ty to my blogger bestie, Victoria of Fly for a Ginger! for recommending it to me)! The advice is super helpful and practical, and there are catchy catchphrases (say that 5X fast) that I say to myself.

CAVEAT to my recommendation: This book engages in d!3t talk, so if you’re not in a place for that I get that! You can get the book via ebook, and use the search function to figure out what parts to skip! <3

Purchase this ADHD product here!

#7 ADHD Products: Charging Pad for iPhone (set it down and always charge!)

You might be confused as WTF this little brand pad is! It kind of looks like a giant band aid, honestly! But no, it is not a MEGA band aid (although that would be kind of cool).

THIS is pad that you can set your phone on to charge. As someone who regularly gets made fun of (ugh) for my phone always being on 2% battery, I’ve found pads like this helpful.

Caveat: I didn’t buy this specific one, I steal my mom’s. Lol. Being real! There’s something about being able to set your phone DOWN on something in passing, instead of futzing with chargers (or finding them, see my tips above) that makes life just EASIER.

Purchase this ADHD product here!

#8 ADHD Products: FLAT Lazy Susan Turntable for Cabinet

Ok, I CANNOT find the exact lazy susans that I like to use, but the TLDR is that lazy susans are super useful for ground cabinet organization (under a sink in your bathroom or kitchen).

The ISSUE that I find is that if the turntable has a lip or little mini fence around the edge — it doesn’t work for me. The lazy susan has to be FLAT, like this one.

This one is pretty #aesthetic, but probs too big for most spaces. But I linked it and show the images to illustrate a FLAT lazy susan. Happy Hunting! (PS if you find one on Amazon, can you send me an email with a link? TY!)

Check out this ADHD product here!

#9 ADHD Products: Ember Mug (bye bye cold drinks! Won’t miss ya!)

Ok, real talk, I guzzle my coffee too fast for it to get cold (I’m super classy, OBVIOUSLY). BUT for folks who like to make tea or coffee throughout the day, these Ember Mugs are a gamechanger. My bestie, Kate Rose, LOVES her Ember Mug (she used it a lot in grad school at Harvard). She ended up buying her boyfriend one, too!

Shop this ADHD product here!

#10 ADHD Products: Clorox Wipes EVERYWHERE

As a person with ADHD, I am a chaos muppet. I spill things, track in mud, get lipstick stains by my light switches (love a red lipstick moment), spill iced lattes in my car, etc.

Because of this, I buy the Clorox wipes in BULK, and I stash them in different areas of my home and car. That way, I can IMMEDIATELY snag one and take care of the spill.

Get this ADHD product here!

#11 ADHD Products: Roomba

Ok, I don’t personally have a roomba, but a TON of my friends and clients do — and thy love it. Especially if they have pets. This can be a gamechanger for people who have ADHD and pets!

Purchase this ADHD product here!

#12 ADHD Products: Tide-To-Go Pens

As I write this guide, I’m kind of laughing at myself, because so many of my tips relate to being messy. Lol, oh well!

On the subject of being messy, I have these Tide-To-Go pens EVERYWHERE! So super useful, and also a great way to make friends at parties! If you have a Tide-To-Go pen, you’ll be someone’s favorite person when they inadvertently spill on their nice top!

Check out this ADHD product here!

#13 ADHD Products: Echo Dot

This next ADHD product rec actually comes from my friend, Rebecca, a blogger over at body-positive recipe blog, The Practical Kitchen (interview with Rebecca here!). Rebecca uses her Amazon Echo to remind herself to do stuff, from setting timers for cooking to asking for a reminder in a week to do something. Love that!

Shop this ADHD product here!

#14 ADHD Products: Shredder for Mail in GARAGE

As someone with ADHd, I find mail SUPER overwhelming! Because of this, I keep a shredder in my home that I immediately use as I go through mail. This helps me combat the “piles of papers” that seem to follow all adults in the US!

Get this ADHD product here!

#15 ADHD Products: Drying Rack for Laundry MOUNTAIN

Ok, if you’re doing your research on the best ADHD products, then you’re likely seeing some repeats across blog posts. BUT, I’ll bet that I’m the ONLY blogger who has a specific CLOTHES DRYING RACK on her listicle, lol.

I’ve structured my life and wardrobe to only need to do laundry every two weeks (see the link for list of hacks at the bottom of this post), and that means I have a LOT of wet clothes on my drying rack. This drying rack is a WORKHORSE, it’s never collapsed on me — and I’ve piled a lot of wet clothing on it, lol.

Purchase this ADHD product here!

#16 ADHD Products: Battery Daddy

Ok, real talk, I don’t use enough batteries in my life to need a Battery Daddy, but my parents got one a few years ago and LOVE IT. This battery organizer is great for folks who use a lot of batteries.

Check out this ADHD product here!

#17 ADHD Products: Natural Light Alarm

Something that I’ve learned about having ADHD is that the more support systems you can put into place that don’t require upkeep or thought, the better!

If you struggle getting up in the morning, you should consider trying this special alarm — it uses light to naturally wake up your body. Or you can do what I do and live on the top floor without blackout curtains, and let the suns loving-and-punishing rays hit your eyeballs so you can’t sleep in. Up to you!!

Shop this ADHD product here!

#18 ADHD Products: USB-C Charger for Phone (FAST CHARGING!)

For this next ADHD product, I have to give credit to my friend and client, Melissa Forde, who clued me in on FASTER phone chargers, the USB-C. These charge my iPhone wayyyy faster, and get it back online when the battery dies. 10/10 love them and recommend. (Make sure to only buy products for your phone that are apple approved!)

Get this ADHD product here!

#19 ADHD Products: Acuity Scheduling Calendar

Ok, so as a business owner and coach, I’ve learned that it is CRITICAL to have a calendar people can just book time on. Saves me SO much time, and I don’t have to send availability emails back and forth.

BUT ALSO your Acuity can be useful for scheduling FRIENDS AND FAMILY for calls! You can make separate calendar links on acuity, and I have played around with sending my calendar for friends to schedule catch up calls.

Purchase this ADHD product here!

#20 ADHD Products: Underwear in BULK

If you have ADHD like me, then you probably have to undertake regular LAUNDRY BATTLES to keep your life running. And if getting a laundry service isn’t an option, you can do what I do.

Get a TON more underwear.

Or whatever you need to wash a lot.

Buying multiples means not having to do laundry as much. I do laundry 2x a month, and I just do it all. Instead of doing it weekly or multiple times a week. Save your brain! Your life! Time!

Buy multiples.

My fave kind of undies are here!

#21 ADHD Products: Travel Sized Listerine in Shower

Oral care (brushing your teeth) can be a challenge for many folks with ADHD. Obviously, we don’t want to be gross – but we forget!

Because of this, I use “habit stacking” (c/o of James Clear, his book linked above) to remember to brush my teeth and use mouthwash.

I take a shower EVERY morning (gets my brain online), and I keep my toothbrush and a small listerine in my shower. Seeing it everyday reminds me to use it!! (More ADHD hacks like this linked below!)

Shop this ADHD product here!

#22 ADHD Products: Pre-Chopped Vegetables (carrot chips FTW!)

Ok, this isn’t necessarily a PRODUCT, but you do buy these at the store? Basically, fi you have ADHD I think you should test buying pre-cut vegetables at the store. I’ve found that having precut vegetables (love carrot chips for hummus) make it easier to get vegetables into your dang body!

#23 ADHD Products: Work Uniform Top

Ok, peeps! As a fashion blogger, I love to create different outfits and looks for Instagram, TikTok and my blog, I love fashion and outfits!

BUUUUT I also keep about 7 ish of the same work top, to make dressing easier on days I need to GET MOVING. Having a default work uniform is a huge hack. I love the shirts linked below, but I encourage you to just buy 5-7 of your fave work top! Seriously!! Game changer!

Purchase this ADHD product here!

#24 ADHD Products: Tile Key Finder

If you lose your keys a lot, then you should try out the tile key finder! I use a remote system for my keys, but this is on my list of ADHD products to get ASAP!

Check out this ADHD product here!

This blog post was all about ADHD products.

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