Diet Coke, Pringles & Leopard Print | Styled Swim Photoshoot

Snack Blogger Photoshoot - Diet Coke and Pringles

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Earlier this summer, I did a super fun photoshoot featuring one of my favorite beverages, Diet Coke, and snacks – Pringles!

Plus Size Animal Print Swimsuit

You can snag this swimsuit here! It’s the “Women’s Plus Size Underwire Bandeau Bikini Top – Kona Sol™” from Target. I’m in a 3X, and my measurements are 48/42/50!

Diet Coke with a Straw, Please!

You can drink it in a can, you can drink it from a bottle! You can drink it from a fountain machine and – dang it, I can’t come up with a good Dr. Seuss rhyme!

Diet coke lifestyle blogger.jpg
Diet Coke fashion blogger.jpg
Diet Coke fashion blogger.jpg
Diet Coke fashion blogge
Diet Coke product photography

Pet Blogger FTW! Lol.

Also, normally Lena is terrible at taking photos – five seconds before this photo she was zooming around the yard!

Bossbabe Business Phone Calls

I snagged this back patio chair from Target, and it has handy pockets for beverages.

This summer my backyard has been an office, and I’ve been taking almost all of my client calls in the backyard or back patio.

working from home in the backyard
backyard blogger work from home fun diet coke

Pringles, Too!

I’ve been wanting to do a photoshoot with Pringles for a hot minute, and I had to take my chance!

Original flavor FTW!

Fashion Shots

Aaaand finally some fashion photos, featuring accessories from Target!

Let’s Hang Out!

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