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As you may have seen on Twitter, my Instagram Story or from other plus size bloggers and models - Universal Standards business practices leave a lot to be desired.  Especially how they work with plus size models. https://twitter.com/the_huntswoman/status/1074785726426836992
Y'all, it's no secret I love New York.  While the city can be a tad overwhelming, there's such an incredible mix of people, art & culture, and just this ENERGY in the air there. Aaaaand, NYC is home to one of my fave plus size boutiques:  plus BKLYN. I met the...
Well, hello there!  I'm a plus-size blogger AND a fashion designer.  I've helped plan and pick models for countless runway shows at this point, as well as ecommerce photoshoots. Aspiring plus size models have a tough hand to play.  Plus size fashion brands complain they can't find and cast models...

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