Kelsie Nick: Interview with Plus Size Nurse Influencer, Actress & Model

plus size actress and model kelsie nick

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Something that ENDLESSLY fascinates me, as a creative, is how other creatives balance their day jobs while trying to make their Big Creative Dreams happen.

Last year I connected with Kelsie Nick, and I instantly was drawn to her “WE ARE GETTING THIS DONEEEE” energy. She shares resources, her learnings and is such a cheerleader for other folks. She does a GREAT job of sharing her work, and honestly I wish more folks were like her!

plus size nurse influencer and model kelsie nick

Kelsie works as a traveling nurse while making her acting and modeling dreams happen. Below, i’ve shared an interview with this nurse, influencer, actress and model!

You can joining Kelsie on Instagram here and witter here! Her blog is here. <3

BH: How did you get started in medicine?  What made you choose that career path?

KN: I’ve always been around medicine- my parents are nurses and met while in nursing school. Growing up about my parents and my older brother who dealt with life threatening heart problems- I knew I wanted to go into medicine to help others. 

plus size nurse influencer and model kelsie nick

BH: Love that family history element! What do you love about nursing?

KN: Oh gosh- so much! I love being able to connect with others- hearing every families stories, being able to act as a bridge between the scary ICU setting and how we’re helping their child, the constant learning environment- you always have new situations and new ways to treat, being on my feet and active-

I would be terrible at a desk job- I can’t sit still for more than 20 minutes. I love advocating for my patients- whatever their goals are and being able to help them achieve that.

plus size nurse influencer and model kelsie nick

BH: What does a day-in-the-life look like for you? 

KN: Honestly- it’s different everyday. If I’m working at the hospital- I work three 12.5-hr shifts a week from 7am-730pm on a flexible schedule- so it means I can make time for acting and blogging the other 4 days of the week.

No matter what though- I start my day off with Nepresso and Silk creamer. If I’m not at the hospital- I wake up at 6am, submit to castings till 8, go for a run in my Fabletics Gear/ eat breakfast (currently obsessed with Trader Joes Everything bagel spread) , and spend the rest of the day planning posts, shooting content, researching, and pitching. One of my favorite perks of being a nurse is the flexible schedule so I can do both of my jobs full time.  

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BH: YES, I feel this 100%! I also assign different tasks by day. Makes it much more manageable.

BH: Okay, help us out! What are your go-to plus size scrubs or other daily items for healthcare work?

c I love Fig Scrubs- they’re super comfortable, breathable, wrinkle resistant, and antimicrobial- aka meaning no germs will stick. It can get pretty cold at the hospital(it helps with germ control), so I love wearing my Universal Standard foundation top underneath to stay warm or my Patagonia jacket. That way if I end up wearing lots of PPE ( personal protective equipment) I can layer and keep cool. 

plus size nurse influencer and model kelsie nick

BH: How do you juggle being a nurse and your other career, as an actress/influencer? 

KN: While it may seem like completely different careers- being a nurse, content creator, and actress require a lot of the same skills. All involve connecting with people!

As a nurse, I connect and listen to people all day- just like I do with my followers on social media.  ⁣⁣Both require having trust-  I don’t promote anything I don’t believe in- and haven’t tried myself! I make sure to use my medical background to promote safe and reliable products. 

plus size nurse influencer and model kelsie nick

You will never catch me selling hair gummies, waist trainers, OR fit teas. ⁣⁣All these roles require working hard, and having time management skills- you have to show up to a shoot on time, prepared, and ready for a long day- just like being a nurse! ⁣⁣Both require being flexible and getting creative- sometimes clothes don’t fit, or the make up rubbed off- you have to go with the flow and know how to make it work.


BH: You recently moved to LA to pursue acting!  Can you talk about how you manage your schedule?  Do you work longer shifts to be able to be on set?⁣⁣

KN: I’m incredibly lucky to have a flexible schedule. Most sets shoot Mon-Fri so I will try to schedule myself on the days they need me and work at the hospital the other days. Sometimes there is a “night before” call- which again I’m lucky to have amazing co-workers who will switch me shifts so I can be on set the next day. Also I work as a travel nurse in 13 week contracts- so If a job goes longer and needs me more on set- I can choose to not be contracted out to a hospital and work solely with acting and content creating.

plus size nurse influencer and model kelsie nick

BH: What type of roles would you love to do? What characters do you want to be on TV?

KN: I would love to be in a comedy series! I don’t want to fall into the trap of the fat best friend supporting lead- I would love to expand on what Mindy Kailing, and Shrill did for plus size women in acting. I want to show that we can be multidimensional complex characters- just like in real life. 

BH: Agreed! We can and should move beyond the “Fat Best Friend” trope. Any advice/learnings you can share for others who want to take the plunge?

KN: Know your resources! I’m still learning but even signing up to be a background actor was such a learning force! I was able to be on sets, talk to PAs, make friends with other actors, and see all the action that happens. YouTube is an amazing resource to learn how to pace lines, set up auditions, and what to do in a callback. 

Have a good attitude! Being from the midwest- I love making the best time on set. You would be surprised how far a smile and great attitude can get you! It’s gotten into more scenes, call backs, and more connections – which is crucial. 

plus size nurse influencer and model kelsie nick

BH: Okay, next! Let’s talk modeling!

BH: What made you decide to enter the world of “influencing”?

KN: I had stumbled into modeling and realized I wanted to do more than stand in front of the camera. I have thoughts, and opinions that can help uplift and empower others – and that’s when I turned to influencing. Making meaningful connections with others by sharing my thoughts and helping them was exactly what I wanted to do.

BH: What type of content do you share and why do you share it? 

KN: My main focus is body positive content- but thats a vast scope. For me that includes beauty, fitness, intersectional feminism, LGBQTA rights, mental health, and bringing awareness during this pandemic of scientific measures that can help like mask wearing and hang washing. 

plus size nurse influencer and model kelsie nick

BH: YESSS I love ll of this.

Real talk time. What was the learning curve like for photoshoots?  

KN: Whew. It was STEEP. As I state, I stumbled into it. A well-known photographer took my photo and it snowballed from there with the hard work I put in- I was able to secure shooting with Marie Claire Magazine on my own. It took a LOT of listening and learning. I shot for free for a year –learning from photographers and models alike. I practiced in the mirror, looked at Pinterest, magazine ads, and other influencers. 

BH: Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share how you lead a multi-passionate life. I canNOT wait to see you get cast in a comedy series!

KN: Thank you for having me!

plus size nurse influencer and model kelsie nick

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