13+ Fashion Bloggers & Influencers Wearing Masks

Fashion Face Masks from Influencers

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Masks are the must-have and MANDATORY fashion accessory of 2020. Below, I’ve shared a roundup of fashion bloggers and influencers who are going with the need for a mask – and using their respective platforms to encourage people to wear a mask.

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#1: Jess – Plus Size Fashion Writer from Texas

Jess is a plus size fashion writer and journalist, based in Texas! I love how she styled this look with a vintage Dooney and Bourke bag! Check out Jess on Instagram, here!

#2: Brianne – LGBT & Finance Blogger from Salt Lake City, Utah

Hey, that’s me! I’m. Brianne, a plus size fashion, finance and travel blogger – currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve had a blast accessorizing different looks with a mask, my fave being this renaissance mask paired with a silky satin dress from ASOS!

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#3: Nikki – Plus Size Actress and Model from Atlanta, GA

I interviewed Nikki Garza, plus size actress and TikTok’er, for my blog here! I love how she styled this black dress with a cow mask and faux snakeskin boots! This look is FASHUN!

Hang with Nikki on Instagram here.

#4: Victoria Voos – Fashion and Dog Mom Blogger from San Diego, CA

Victoria Voos is a Gatorade-loving blogger from San Diego, California, regularly blogging about fashion, her dog, Moose, and travel! I love this fashion face mask she ordered from Ashley Nell Tipton!

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#5: Audrey – Fashion Blogger from Bushwick

Can we talk about how GOOD this street style OOTD is from Audrey? I love the color!

Follow Audrey on Instagram here!

#6: Leslie Fowle – Fashion and Sustainability Blogger from Boston

I am such a fan of Leslie! She’s a public health advocate and blogger at PunkMed, who also blogs about sustainability and fashion! Like Victoria (#4 on this list), Leslie ordered her mask from a Project Runway winner! This bow mask is by Erin Robertson.

Join Leslie on Instagram here!

#7: Nicolette Mason – Luxury Fashion Blogger & Designer from Brooklyn

Nicolette is one of my favorite bloggers, effortlessly combining social justice issues and bringing awareness to causes, while ALSO sharing amazing posts featuring clothing pieces from high end and sustainable brands.

Join Nicolette here!

#8: Alysse – LGBT Travel & Fashion Blogger from Ohio

Alysse brings MAXIMALISM to her Instagram feed, posting in bold colors and living. life loudly. I love her Dolly Parton take on wearing a mask!

Join Alysse on Instagram here.

#9: Dawn Ellerbe – US Olympian & Fashion Blogger

I love the joy and mix of posts that Dawn shares on her feed. This fashionably animal print mask is FIRE!

Join Dawn on Instagram here.

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#10: Kelsie Nick – Plus Size Actress & Nurse Influencer in Los Angeles

Kelsie Nick effortlessly shifts between characters and aesthetics on her Instagram feed, showing her range as a plus size actress. I interviewed Kelsie for my blog, here!

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#11: Amanda – Fashion Blogger from Atlanta

Amanda is a fashion blogger from Atlanta, Georgia, and she proves neutrals are NEVER boring!

Join Amanda on Instagram here.

#12: Tay – Fashion Blogger from Cleveland

Fashion blogger from Cleveland, @TheLovelyTay, who shows this fashion statement making mask on her Insta!

Join her, here.

#13: Sabrina Servance – Florida Fashion Blogger

Sabrina is an “NYC girl in Florida,” and I have loved seeing her wedding content pop up on my feed! Also, I’m HERE for this face mask that has a hole for a straw. GENIUS.

Join Sabrina on Instagram, here.

#14: Afrobella – Plus Size Fashion

I love the colors in this post! Afrobella does a great job of showing how to mix fabrics and stay in the same color palette.

Join her on Instagram, here.

#15: Ashley Catherine – Plus Size Style Blogger from Southern California

Based in Los Angeles and San Diego, Ashley Catherine shares frequent images of her on the beach! I love this daywear outfit.

Join her on Instagram.

#16: Kayla – Fashion Blogger & Writer from NYC and Detroit

Kayla is a great blogger to follow, especially if you love specific analyses of beauty products and sneakers! I love how Kayla styled her face mask with a wide belt and matching (but not TOO matchy) chunky sandals!

Join her on Instagram here!

#17: Liz Black – Brand Consultant, Blogger & Motivational Speaker

I am HERE for this tropical aesthetic from Liz Black, a blogger who splits time between New Jersey and NYC. Liz shows an effortlessly chic outfit, that has me ready to head out to a resort!

Join her on Instagram, here.

#18: Aquila Farrel – Fashion Blogger & Business Owner from Oakland, California

Aquila is a biochemist and blogger, based in Oakland, California. I *love* this fashion mask and styling! From Aquilia: “Handmade in Oakland, California by @MaravalMade!”

#19: Lauren Chan – Founder of HENNING

Fashion model and startup founder, Lauren Chan, shows us how monochromatic is DONE in 2020 in this photo!

Join Lauren on Instagram, here.

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