Where to Buy Plus Size Face Masks | Fabric Masks for Cute Fat Folks!

where to buy fabric face masks for larger faces

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In the course of making face masks from patterns found online, a new issue popped up out of left field.

Plus size people often have bigger (super fabulous) faces, and the patterns didn’t take this into account. Fuller cheeks, double chins, etc. This presented a design and inclusivity issue.

Your life realizations during COVID-19
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Seeing this, i’ve put together a list of fashion designers who are selling FABULOUUUUS face masks for COVID-19, specifically masks for plus size and fat faces.

Note: In this blog post I use the term “fat” to reclaim a term often used in online hatred and bullying. If you don’t identify with that word, carry on! I’m not using it to describe you or your super wonderful face. <3

I’ve also noted what brands are run or founded by plus folks!

where to buy fabric face masks for larger plus size faces

Brand #1: Dia & Co Plus Size Fabric Masks

This plus size fashion retailer has added plus size fabric face masks to their offering, and their super cute! These face masks are fun, cute and comfy!

Shop here!

Brand #2: DXL – Fabric Face Masks for Husky Guys!

Do you have a beard, large head or big cheeks? Finding a face mask can be tough! Luckily, DXL has a variety of plus size fabric face masks available.

Shop here!

Brand #3: Torrid – Face Mask for Chubby Cheeks

Like #1, Torrid is a popular plus size fashion retailer! I love these cute masks (plaid is PERFECT for fall and winter).

Shop this set by clicking HERE!

Brand #4: Lane Bryant – Plus Size Fashion Fabric Face Masks

Some folks like the masks that go over the nose, and others prefer this style from Lane Bryant! The brand has a lot of fabrics and colors available.

Shop masks HERE.

Brand #5: Fashionable Plus Size Face Masks: Rene’ Tyler

Rene’ Tyler is a plus size fashion house specializing in sizes 12+. The brand has a variety of face masks for plus size faces!

Shop here!

Brand #6: Plus Size Fun Face Masks from Christian Omeshun

Founded by A’Shontay Hubbard, Christian Omeshun (also called “CO”) is a plus size fashion house out of Atlanta, Georgia, that makes custom bridal and prom gowns – as well as RTW pieces!

A’Shontay is such an amazing cheerleader for indie fashion, and you should definitely check out her shop! She has a variety of face masks, and also posts limited edition designs to social media!

Shop face masks here.

Brand #7: Fashionable Plus Size Face Masks: Courtney Noelle

Do you want a little sparkle with your face mask? I love seeing bold face masks that also make FASHION statements, and plus size designer, Courtney Noelle, has an assortment of options!

Shop here.

Brand #8: Plus Size Face Masks: Chubby Cartwheels

First up on m list is one of the leading (and first!) indie plus size brands, Chubby Cartwheels.

Shop plus size face masks from this designer HERE!

where to buy fabric face masks for plus size faces

Brand #9: Plus Size Face Masks: Copper Union

Another indie fashion favorite is Copper Union, a plus owned indie fashion brand out of Portland, OR. I did an interview with the brand’s founder and designer, Claire Doody, here!

Shop Copper Union face masks HERE!

where to buy fabric face masks for fat faces

Brand #10: XL Fabric Face Masks: VINNIK

I hadn’t heard of VINNIK before writing this post, and I’m so glad to have found them! The brand has an ethical/sustainable focus, with the stated goal of “ZERO waste and a net positive impact on the environment.”

They have an XL face mask listed HERE!

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Who did I miss?! <3

Do you know of a company explicitly offering larger face masks for plus size folks. I don’t mean brands that are saying, “Our masks fit everyone!” I mean those showing photos or different sizing for larger faces. <3

IF that sounds like a brand you know, drop me a line on Twitter or Instagram, and I’ll add them to this post! <3

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