Quarantine “AHA!” Insights | Readers (YOU) Share Their Life Realizations

Your life realizations during COVID-19

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While self-quarantine and stay at home orders have been mostly Not a Good Time, there has been a silver lining for some folks.

All of this time to think, while sitting at home, has led to some life “aha!” moments. I’ve seen social media posts around new insights like:

“I’ve realized that I’m ready to start dating again”


“I’ve realized that I’m really DONE with this company, and it’s time to start researching other fields.”

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YOUR Quarantine “Aha!” Moments

Seeing posts like this made me wonder, “Who else is having big (or small) life insights?”

So I took to my Instagram Story to ask all of YOU what insights you’d been having!

These insights prompted some introspection of my own, and they also added a nice silver lining to this ~current situation~.

I’ve organized these insights by topic area below! Enjoy!

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Learning during self-quarantine
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A Need for Routine

There have been some big LIFE “Aha!” moment, particularly around the need for routines. Many of you shared insights on your schedules:

  • “I’m living my life too fast-paced. I need to slow down!”
  • “I need alone time. It’s not just a ‘nice to have.'”
  • “I desperately need routine in my life.”
  • “I need to work on maintaining a routine outside of external deadlines and motivations. “
  • “I’ve gotta force myself into a schedule when one isn’t created for me by school and work!”
  • “I need social interaction a lot more than I thought I did. Also that I miss physical interaction.”
  • “50% soaring and 50% sucking is a REALISTIC balance!”
desk with office supplies on it

Changes in How You Approach Life

Loved these insights on dealing with fear and drive!

  • “I’ve learned to just be less scared, and do the thing! Don’t wait to have fun, and focus on the little positives daily.”
  • “I have to light the fire under my own butt.”
  • “That I need to be a self-motivator and really push myself to get things done.”
  • “I don’t have to move at the speed of light/be productive all dayy long. It’s nice to slow down.”
  • “If I just park my butt at home, I can get all the things done I’ve always wanted to do!”
  • “I have to grow up… like I don’t have room not to!”
Learning to take more risks

Relationship with Our Self!

These insights focused on one’s relationship with one Self!

  • “I’ve learned I’m pretty self-sufficient, and I can make or repurpose almost anything I need!”
  • “Realized I kind of need to upheave my entire life? Whoops!”
  • “Self-acceptance. Ironically, not wearing makeup everyday made me more comfortable with myself.”
  • “I need to stop being so hard on myself about every little thing.”

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Career & $$$ Realizations

WHEW! This was a big one! Folks have had big realizations around hating/loving remote work, a desire to change careers and go back to school.

Be sure to check out my resources on career changes and leveling up HERE!

  • “I want to go back to school for counseling or social work and work with kids!”
  • “I’m not as happy with my career as I thought I was and waiting for change wasn’t an option.”
  • “Realized I kind of need to upheave my entire life? Whoops!”
  • “I’ve realized how much anxiety my current job was giving me, and how health it would be to change it.”
  • “I’m ready to be out as a queermo to my coworkers.”
  • “I NEED to work! I’m unhappy if I don’t.”
  • “I’ve been furloughed from my job for approx 2 months, and I don’t miss it. Implications? Idk.”
  • “Just because I have money doesn’t mean I need to spend it. Redid my budget. Girl, it was rough!”
  • “My insistence to work remotely wasn’t ridiculous.”
  • “That I want to retire or not do my current job for more than 2-3 more years.”
  • “I can go back to school and finish my BA if I get accepted somewhere!”
  • “I want to work with high schoolers – early 30’s! I hate teaching older people.”
  • “That I actually WANT to go into the office to work. That I NEED the office to work.”
  • “I always thought working from home was impossible, because I’m such an extrovert. Turns out, it’s way better than I thought! Opens up options for moving further away from San Francisco!”
  • “I’m ready to make the career change to coding from being a therapist.”
  • “I’m not as happy with my career as I thought I was, and waiting for change isn’t an option.”
  • “I can do my job 100% just as well, if not better, remotely. I’ll try to bargain for split schedule.”
  • “I want to be an influencer!! But not sure what demographic or topic to focus on.”
  • “My dream of being a blogger/influencer can be a reality!”
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Family & Romantic Partner Realizations

I thought there would be more in this category, but folks were pretty chill!

  • “My husband would make a WAY better stay-at-home parent than me! We are both teachers.”
  • “My partner and I can do stuff separately while being home together!”
  • “There’s no one I’d rather be stuck with 24/7/365 with than my partner. He’s the one!”
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Home/Living Space Realizations

Being at home means a LOT of new insights on how we organize and live in our homes! Loved these insights!

  • “I want a house with a private area with a porch. I want to be able to relax on my porch and enjoy a garden space. i’m on Zillow 24/7!”
  • “I ove living in the slow lane. It gives me time for mindfulness and appreciating joy in simple things.”
  • “I’ve realized I like to cook! I wove working from home! That said, I need a separate space for Yoga and going to the gym.” – Alex of Chubby Struggles
  • “I absolutely LOVE walks! If you would have told me I’d be saying that 6 months ago, I would’ve cackled in your face!”
  • “I love our home. <3 Also, I enjoy the slower pace more than I expected to.”
  • “I want a full-on garage gym in my forever home! I have LOVED working out at home!”
  • “Cooking isn’t that scary! Family is a great resource for recipes, too!”
  • “i don’t need to live in my city any more. If I can get better opportunities elsewhere, I am gone.”
  • “I was waiting to make an international move to boost my career, but why put off a dream?!”
  • “I want to move to my tropical island NOW!”
living room

Desire to Share & Do Creative Work (Blog, Art, etc)

Some folks were visited by their muses during self-quarantine!

  • “I really want to offer myself to a wider audience of people – either through a blog, IG or YYouTube!”
  • “I’ve learned to not be afraid of putting things out before they’re perfect, or waiting until I’m an expert.”
  • “I’ve gotten back in touch with my creative side. I’ve ben writing and drawing like mad!”
  • “Art projects and making stuff is SUCH a boost for my mental health. I need to always make time for it.”
woman painting

Mental & Emotional Health

From figuring out meds to overall healing, here’s what you all had to say about mental and emotional health:

  • “I’m in this weird space with my healing journey, but I’m able to break through.”
  • “Quarantine was the eye opener I needed to make me realize that I needed to change my meds.”
  • “My therapist isn’t right for me.”
  • “That I might have ADHD.”
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My Quarantine “Aha!” Moments

I haven’t had earth shattering realizations, but I have had some good insights.

I Love Creative Writing!

I’ve been able to write creatively more, which is fun! Looking for outlets has led to some uploads to tumblr and AO3, which is always a good time!

Your life realizations during COVID-19

SPECIFIC Home Interior Planning FTW!

I’ve also begun to really PLAN for my big move to my own place, complete with a spreadsheet for all of the different things I’m going to buy (from new sheets to a couch to what bath mats I want). I’ve felt really overwhelmed planning out the finances of such a big life change, and I feel much more empowered to do that!

Plus, knowing my numbers makes it easier to plan finances!

Unique tufted emerald green couch

I Need to Move

Like a few folks above, I need to switch up my living situation! Working my butt of to make this happen!

What Realizations Have You Had During Quarantine?

Have you had any life insights during self-quarantine? Share in the comments below, or reach out via social media! I’d love to hear about your journey!

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