You’re Allowed to Say “No.”


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You are allowed to say, “No.”

In fact, I encourage you to say “No.”

Practice saying “No,” at restaurants when a waiter offers to refill your glass. Practice saying “No,” in your car. Scream, “NO!!” into your pillow or a soundproof(ish) space– maybe avoid freaking out your dog/the neighbors, mmmmkay?

Sometimes, things don’t gel with you. Sometimes, there isn’t a real reason for why something isn’t a fit — it’s just, well, off.

You are allowed to say “No.”

You are encouraged to say “No.”

Say “No,” to the kind of relevant stuff. The “this is kind of helpful” stuff. If it doesn’t light a fire under your ass, say “Nope.”  If it doesn’t keep your fire going to replenish yourself, it’s a “No, thank you.”

Yeah, reading this, I know you thought of something.

Something you want to say “No,” to.

Get rid of it. Chuck it into the bin. Put it aside. Be it a business idea, book idea, goal, person (plz don’t ghost on them, be real and sincere!), but for the LOVE OF GOD

SAY, “NO.” Make it your morning mantra. People will (lovingly or maliciously) try to add items to your to-do list, filling your days with “shoulds.”

None of that.

Hell no.

Join me!