Contouring 101 – YouTube Makeup Tutorial with Karen Rich

Makeup tutorial on contouring

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About halfway through this year, I decided i wanted to start collaborating with makeup artists. I felt like I had gotten a bit complacent with where my photoshoots were at, and I wanted to challenge myself!

Plus, you know, my makeup skills are pretty rudimentary!

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Makeup Lessons in Lehi, Utah

I started working with Karen Rich, a makeup artist in the Lehi, Utah (Silicon Slopes!), area. Karen has experience with both editorial and bridal makeup, and she’s so fun to work with.

I’ve worked with Karen on a number of shoots, and on our most recent shoot she mentioned that she offers makeup lessons! I had been trying to find someone to teach me (local makeup stores weren’t very helpful, tbqh). I thought it would be EVEN MORE FUN if we filmed a glam makeup tutorial for you all!

Contouring 101 Instructions | Plus Size Face

You can see the full makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel, and I’ll be uploading more video tutorials on eye makeup, lashes, etc etc. Karen and I filmed about 2 hours of footage, because we wanted to be sure to really explain what’s going on.

You can watch the video below or directly on my YouTube channel!

Join me!