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So, if we hang out on Instagram (and I hope we do!), you know that just about every Saturday I host “Get Your Sh*t Together Saturday” or GYSTS.

The acronym is long, but just go with me here.

GYSTS started because as a single millennial, I’ve found that it is REALLY HARD to get various errands done. Things like going to the post office, going to the bank (I refuse to cash checks via a mobile app), picking up stuff from the pharmacy, aaaaand cleaning my car.

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Stressed out millennial trying to manage money, home, car and life

We’re Doing Two Jobs, People!

And the thing is, I’m not lazy. The reason why it’s so tough to get your sh*t done, is because the 9-5 mentality screws us over. In past decades, there would be someone in the family who was the household manager. Someone who would deal with insurance bureaucracy, take the dog to the groomer, etc.

And, as a single person, I’m basically doing TWO jobs in ONE.

Now, do I want to go back to the Dark Ages where (almost entirely) women were limited to the household. Absolutely not.

Hiring Help

Do I dream of being able to handle a household manager and chef? Do I plan on doing that?


My Car is Embarrassing.

So I have a little Honda coupe (beep beep!), and I bought this car intentionally. I bought it so there was a small AF backseat, so I can’t put more stuff in my car. As a fashion designer and blogger, I have a lot of stuff. Right now, I have 4 fabric bolts back there and a suitcase from a shoot last week.

No photographic evidence of this exists, so enjoy this image of an embarrassed doggo instead.

Paging Bill Nye

Before I bought this car, I had a Hyundai Elantra (“Little Blue”), and, well, the way I took care of that car was embarrassing. It was FULL of stuff. It wasn’t quite hoarders level, but it was not cute. It was full of Starbucks cups, clothes (lots of clothes) and just a lot of stuff. Also, real talk, it was grimy. Aaaaand the Starbucks cups were growing things. Ew.

The thing is, I’m not a lazy person. But my car took on this persona that reflected my mental health, and made me feel WORSE by getting into it. My car turned into that one thing I could NOT get together, because I was at capacity with my mental health and everything in my life.

A Dump Truck Enters The Scene

After a dump truck rolled into me at a stoplight, I had to replace that car.

Y’all, a literal DUMP TRUCK rolled into my DUMPSTER FIRE of a vehicle.

Like, okay, Universe. I get it.

And I promised myself I would *NEVER* let my car be like that again. I realized that while I would have bad anxiety days, I could implement a system so that my car just got taken care of.

Hence, GYSTS!

Every Dang Saturday

So, every Saturday I go to my local Maverik Gas Station that has a carwash next to it. I plopped down my $24 dollars a month, and every dang Saturday I go in and get my car washed.

Is it a busy day for the carwash? Yes. Do I go over dang Saturday morning to wash and vacuum my car? Also yes.

My carwash gives me little wipes that are individually wrapped, but I’m thinking I’m gonna upgrade my gear and get a tube of more environmentally friendly wipes, like these from Caboo.

Half A$$ is Better Than No A$$

Now, as I’m cleaning my car, I want to be clear here. I’m NOT detailing the dang thing. I’m not, like, working on the rims with a little toothbrush like thing and polish.

I’ve decided that in this area of my life, half a$$ is better than no a$$. (Note: My swear word edits are so that Google will still like me!)

22 Minutes to Clean My Car

Here are the phases of cleaning my car:

Carwash: 6 Minutes

I go through the carwash, and derp on my phone while I wait. Usually, I upload pics to my IG Story, and I talk to other folks who are doing GYSTS.

Trash Removal: 7 Minutes

Next, I head over to the vacuums. I get alllll the trash out, starting with the driver’s side door (you know that little pocket at the bottom of the door?), and I go clockwise.

Remember, the goal here is to form a HABIT and remove the need to think or troubleshoot. KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.

I throw away receipts, Starbucks cups (I’ve started using a reusable cup, promise!!), scraps of fabric that cling to me, etc.

I also take stuff out of my cup holder, and I have a little bin to put things in so they don’t get vacuumed up!

Reusable coffee cup blogger recommendation
Helloooo, matte black!!

Vacuum: 6 Minutes

I then get those long vacuums and vacuum my car, doing the sam clockwise plan.

Wiping Down: 3 Minutes

I then wipe down my dashboard, in my cupholders, etc. Voila! We have battled grime.

BONUS: Gas Up!!

Have you ever been running late, jump into your car, turn it on – and realized you’re on empty?

That happened to me ALL OF THE TIME.

So, I added “gas-ing up” every Saturday as part of my car routine. I don’t have to remember to fuel up, I (usually) stay away from empty, etc.

Sure, I’m spending a couple more pennies per gallon because I’m fueling up on a Saturday – but the convenience (and stress reduction) is worth it!!

Join Me for GYSTS!

Do you need help getting “adulting” tasks done? Join me on Saturdays for GYSTS, where you can share your goals with me – and I’ll cheer you on!

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