Where to Shop for Plus Size Corduroy Pants || 9+ Brands I Personally Found for YOU!! <3


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Hello there! If you’re here, it’s because you are trying to find plus size corduroy pants!! I am very good at helping my readers find super specific plus size clothing items (like plus size corduroy pants), so I am here to help you fulfill your hearts desire!

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Hi there, welcome to my blog! My name is Brianne Huntsman, AKA “The Huntswoman” and I decided to put this blog post together after seeing “plus size corduroy pants” was trending on Pinterest! I found it hard to figure out WHICH brands had plus size corduroy pants, which led me to creating this post! If you’d like to get MORE plus size fashion resources like this one, join my email list here!

Plus Size Corduroy Pants

I have searched all over the internet to find as many plus size corduroy pants as I could to include in this blog post! Finding a specific fashion item in plus size can be a DOOZY, and I love helping my peeps out!

In this post, I’ve noted where to find plus size corduroy pants, as well as the size range that the brand (typically) includes. Nothing is worse than clicking on a link, falling in love with plus size clothing item X, and then realizing it doesn’t come in your size!

That said, as ALWAYYYYYS please be sure to compare your MEASUREMENTS to the size chart. There is no such thing as a “true size XX,” and measurements will vary depending on what brand you’re shopping. Some brands scale up from their straight sizes, and other brands like a more loose or tight fit. Not all size charts are equal!!!

Okay, my rant is done! Let’s get to where to shop for plus size corduroy pants.

Plus Size Corduroy Pants - My shopping guide
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#1 Plus Size Corduroy Pants: JCPenney’s

Doing research for this blog post, I was stoked to see that JCPenney’s probs has the BEST selection of plus size corduroy pants, when it comes to different cuts and color options! They have plus size corduroy pants in fun fall colors (browns, neutrals, etc), as well as plus size corduroy pants in bold reds and bright colors!

  • Sizing: Up to a size 30

Shop plus size corduroy pants at JCP here!

#2 Plus Size Corduroy Pants: Unique Vintage Bell Bottom Flare Plus Size Corduroy Pants

Next up on my guide to plus size corduroy pants, we have plus size corduroy bell bottoms from Unique Vintage in a sort of orange and light green colors.

From the brand: “These fantastic plus size separates feature a groovy bell bottoms flare with distressed hem in green, crafted in a marvelous cotton. Complete with classic front fly, and front and back pockets!”

  • Sizing: Up to a size 3X, sometimes 4X

Shop plus size corduroy pants here!

#3 Plus Size Corduroy Pants: Old Navy Colorful Plus Size Corduroy Pants

Following those fun 1970’s vibes from Unique Vintage, we have OODLES of plus size corduroy pants at Old Navy this season! There are diverse browns and even some jewel tones (I love those green-blue plus size corduroy pants)! I did my best to include pictures of plus size models! <3

  • Sizing: Most up to a size 24, some up to a size 30

Shop plus size corduroy pants at Old Navy here!

#4 Plus Size Corduroy Pants: Ulla Popken

Another brand with a pretty impressive set of options for those seeking plus size corduroy pants is Ulla Popken! I’ve never tried this brand myself, but I hear good things! They have mustard yellow-like color, black, navy, as well as plus size corduroy OVERALLS in berry red and black!

  • Sizing: Up to a size 30

Shop their plus size corduroy pants here!

#5 Plus Size Corduroy Suit: Eloquii Corduroy Suit

OK SO! Eloquii has had various STUNNING plus size corduroy pants options in the past (I found a sold out dark blue pair that I loved!!), but at time of publishing they only have one option for plus size corduroy pants — in a suit, no less! (I have a sneaking suspicion more options are on the way, but I can’t guarantee that!)

  • Sizing: Up to a size 28

Shop this plus size corduroy suit here!

#6 Plus Size Corduroy Pants: Wild Fable at Target

I was pleased to see Target enter the fray with plus size corduroy pants in fan colors, like this sort of salmon pink!

From the brand: “Solid-hued corduroy pants from Wild Fable™ in a slim-fit silhouette with flared legs. Made from cotton with a hint of spandex for breathable, flexible comfort that moves with you. Sport a low-rise waistband with belt loops and a fly zipper with button closure. Classic five-pocket design completes the look with functional detail.”

  • Sizing: Up to a 26W

Shop plus size corduroy pants at Target here!

#7 Plus Size Corduroy Pants: Good American

I must have missed some sort of memo, because I had no idea that Good American had plus size CORDUROY pants — especially in such a fun color! I wish all sizes showed the full body of a plus size model — so if anyone at Good American is reading this and you need a model, call me beep me! 😉

From the brand (for the white/cream plus size corduroy pants in the middle): “We took our fan favorite Good Classic and gave it a boot cut… this is the new “IT” fit. Designed to make your legs look extra long, so you’ll instantly look taller than you are!”

  • Sizing: Up to a size 26

Check out their plus size corduroy pants here!

#8 Plus Size Corduroy Pants: Nordstrom

We love Nordies! There were a few options for plus size corduroy pants from a few brands, including Eileen Fisher and NYDJ! I haven’t tried either of those brands, but I am intrigued!

From NYDJ (Green Pair): Cut from soft corduroy in a slim silhouette, these jeans get their comfortable fit from Lift Tuck technology that helps flatten the tummy and lift the rear.

From Eileen Fisher (Light Neutral Pair): An organic-cotton blend helps lend richness to tapered corduroy pants that easily achieve professional, put-together appeal.

Shop plus size corduroy pants here!

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