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A few years ago, I did a plus size editorial at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Back by popular demand is editorial 2.0 from the Bonneville Salt Flats. There’s just something otherworldly and witchy about this place, ya know?

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Plus Size with “Straight Size Models”

I wore 3 looks for this shoot, and it was ALSO my first group photoshoot where the majority of the models were not plus size. I want to be real with y’all – I had to consciously hype myself up and “own the shots.”

I definitely had the thought, “Oh god, I’m the only REALLY plus person in these photos – am I embarrassing myself?” All the other models were very kind, and it was me in my head.

Eventually, I had to just tell myself, “You are HERE on location. You owe it to yourself to step up.”

So I did. <3

Look #1 from Torrid

This dress is a little more sweet – more “witch next door” if you will. I pulled it from my local Torrid, and I loved the “flutter sleeves.”

This dress is no longer available (sigh), but Torrid does have a plethora of other black plus size maxi dresses, that can be used for your witchy Halloween costume – and also las the whole year. <3

Look #2 from Various Brands

This next look uses pieces from various brands. The witchy graphic tee is from Torrid, hat is from Target and fishnets from Yandy. This pleather skirt was a gift from my BFF Kate, and the tag has been well-loved (so I can’t tell the brand)!

I really love this contrast of the red against the stark background and wearing all black.

Look #3 from RebDolls

I wanted to go witchy, but not full on Halloween – ya know? I saw this dress from RebDolls (ordered from Amazon for $48), and I knew the sleeves WERE IT.

This photoshoot brought up a lot of spiritual questions for me – I identify as a “witch,” if you will. And I felt a real connection between my personal spiritual practice and creating imagery as a professional. I shared this post on my Instagram to explore that more:

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PRACTICING WITCHCRAFT . There’s been a rising trend of women and folks identifying as witches. You’ve probably seen various articles with headlines like “MILLENNIALS ARE NOW WITCHES!” ???? . For me, identifying as a “witch,” happened when I was young. I didn’t feel like I could share or own that, so I kept my spells in my head, and my research to Pinterest and Google Searches. . It wasn’t until I became an adult that I felt like I could engage with the metaphysical or “otherworldly” matter. I went into my first “witch shop” about 8 years ago, and I felt such profound relief being there. Slowly I started telling friends, and I found out that many of them were developing their practice in private. ???????? . For me, being a “witch” means connecting to my own divinity and having the freedom to construct my own spiritual beliefs and rules. It’s taking what works and leaving out the rest. It’s comprised of altars, meditations, following solar and lunar calendars, visioning, manifesting and utilizing my will. It’s a fierce independence and belief in “free to be you and me,” and a deeply rooted respect the religious practices of other people. . Witchcraft is a framework I use to see and create connections and harness energy around me. It isn’t in opposition to any faith (ie Christianity). . I believe in an organizing and positive force in the universe. I pray a lot. . I think one of the reasons witchcraft has become so popular is because witchcraft puts the practitioner in the driver’s seat. It is my job to learn, wonder, discover and move forward. I am the steward of my soul and being. No one else. ???? . I’d love to hear about how you arrived at your religious or spiritual practice – or the decision to not do so! . ????: @visualsbygie . #witchesofig #rebdolls #bonnevillesaltflats #utahmodel #queerfashion #hardfemme #chaosmagick #allkindsofmagic #alternativecurves #witchcraft #witchythings #plussizefashion #effyourbeautystandards #lightworker

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A Note on Smoke Bombs

Photographers (Photos by Kuku and Visuals by Gie) added smoke bombs to this editorial. This was a first for me (we love creative growth), and they’re quite fun to use.

The smoke bombs last around 2 minutes max, so you better be prepared. Snag the ones we used on Amazon for around $10 each.

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