31+ *BEST* Plus Size Ski Wear Outfits || The ULTIMATE Guide to Plus Size Skiing Clothes

Plus Size Ski Wear Outfits

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Today on the blog, I’m sharing the very best plus size ski wear outfits! I live in the Rocky Mountains, near several ski resorts, and I have found it challenging to figure out where to shop for plus size ski wear outfits!

I want fashionable, fun and stylish options – and it can be hard to find plus size ski wear online!

This blog post is all about plus size ski wear!

Note: This blog post was originally published on January 7, 2022. It was last updated on January 7, 2023. While I do try to keep my blog posts updated, sometimes brands change things up! Please be sure to doublecheck all info on pricing, measurements and sizes, etc, with the brand!

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Hey there! My name is Brianne Huntsman, AKA “The Huntswoman,” and I’m so glad you’re on my blog! Today, I share my tips and advice on where to shop for plus size ski wear on the interwebs! If you have any questions (or suggestions!) always feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or an email.

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Plus Size Ski Wear Outfits

I love joyful movement, and I am HERE for plus size folks to go skiing and have a great time outdoors.

Below, I’ve shared over 8 brands that make plus size ski wear! I have also included information on their size chart, so you know what brands make your size! In my experience, it isn’t actuallyyyyy all that helpful to have sizes listed for plus size ski wear — you need to see what the measurements are for those sizes. Every brand has different measurements for each size!

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Plus Size Ski Wear Outfits

3 Tips for Buying Plus Size Ski Wear

As someone who grew up in Utah (where our adage, “The greatest snow on earth!” is on many a Utah license plate), I have some tips for buying plus size ski wear:

  1. Go for Zippable Layers: For my besties who didn’t grow up in cold weather, I want you to know that it is CLUTCH to have a plus size ski jacket or other curvy sky wear that IS LAYERED — specifically where the piece of clothing can be unzipped/snapped/unbuttoned into different layers. This makes it MUCH easier to layer up or down, and you’ll want to be able to zip off layers for spring skiing!
  2. DON’T Skimp on Gloves: While I love really luxe looking plus size ski wear, be prepared to invest in good gloves that give range of motion and keep your hands warm!
  3. GO FOR POCKETS! When you’re on the slopes, you’re goign to want POCKETS! Interior pockets for sure, as well as exterior pockets. Make sure that you have a pocket for your ski pass, phone, an energy bar, etc etc.

#1: Plus Size Ski Wear: Ulla Popken |Up to 6X or Size 30

First up on this guide to plus size ski wear, we have Ulla Popken! From my research, this brand has the most options ++ the best size range! I love the fun patterns they have! In my experience, this is the MOST size inclusive plus size ski wear brand.


  • Ulla Popken goes up to a size 32/34, which corresponds to a 60” waist

Be sure to check out:

Shop plus size ski wear at Ulla Popken here!

Plus Size Ski Wear Outfits
Plus Size Ski Pants – Up to a Size 30!
Plus Size Ski Outfit in Black

#2: Plus Size Ski Wear: Snow Country Outerwear | Up to 6X or Size 30

Following Ulla Popken, we have Snow Country Outerwear! I hadn’t heard of this plus size ski brand until I found it researching for this blog post, and I’m so glad I did!


  • Snow Country goes up to a size 6X which corresponds to a waist measurement of 62″

Be sure to check out:

  • Plus Size Ski Jackets
  • Plus Size Ski Vests
  • Plus Size Ski Pants & Overalls
  • Plus Size Ski Athleisure Wear

Shop plus size ski wear at Snow Country Outerwear here!

#3: Plus Size Ski Wear: PTL

PrettyLittleThing has a great selection of trendy and stylish plus size ski outfits, including fashionable and trendy plus size après ski outfits!


  • Up to a size 26, which corresponds to a 46″ waist

From the brand Whether you are a newbie to skiing or an expert on the slopes, this dreamy collection of ski pieces will have you turning up the heat on your next winter vacay. From layering must-haves to outerwear winter warmers, our women’s plus size ski outfits are sure to have you looking stylish this season.

Check out plus size ski wear at PTL here!

#4: Plus Size Ski Wear: Columbia

Columbia is a go-to for winter activities here in my home state of Utah!! I’m so stoked Columbia broadened their plus size offerings, making it easier for babes to find high quality plus size ski wear. My family has been big fans of Columbia for years (in snowy Utah, I grew up wearing Columbia and my mom had this ICONIC 90’s Columbia coat).


  • Goes up to 3x in plus size ski wear, which is a waist measurement 53”

Be sure to check out:

Shop plus size ski wear at Columbia here!

#5: Plus Size Ski Wear: ASOS

Next up on my guide to plus size ski wear, we have Lond-based brand, ASOS! They come out with a plus ski wear capsule collection each year, adding plus size ski outfits to their website, and I’m here for it! Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t list a size chart. Much of their plus size ski options are listed as going up to a US size 24. (They don’t list measurements on a chart, you have to use their little program to find your size!)

Shop plus size ski wear at ASOS here!

plus size ski jacket
Plus Size Ski Jacket in White (Also Available in Black)
Plus Size Ski Wear Jacket

#6: Plus Size Ski Wear: The North Face

When I first wrote my guid eto plus size ski wear, The North Face didn’t show up as an option! While they offered plus size snow gear, they didn’t have ski specific items!

Until now!!

Like other brands on this list, The North Face is a Utah-favorite for plus size snow gear, it’s high quality and lasts! I was really impressed with the number of plus size snowsuits they have!


  • Up toa 3X, which (in pants) is a 46 inch waist

Shop plus size ski wear here!

#7: Plus Size Ski Wear: Fashion to Figure

Next up on my list of where to find the best plus size ski wear, we have Fashion to Figure. When I originally wrote this post, Fashion to Figure didn’t offer plus size ski wear – and I’m so glad they’ve added plus size ski clothing to their repertoire! They have really fun and trendy plus size ski outfits in bold prints and colors, as well as black plus size ski outfits.

They have very trendy plus size ski outfits (see that leopard plus size ski snowsuit?!), as well as more subtle options in black (and pink!). I really am a fan of wearing bold plus size ski outfits (not just because I’m a maximalist, lol), because it makes it easier for your besties and family members to spot you on the slopes! It’s hard to keep track of folks if you wear all black! <3


  • The brand goes from a size 1 to 4, which on their chart goes from a 36 inch waist to a 49.5 inch waist! <3

Shop plus size ski wear here!

plus size ski jumpsuit
Plus Size Ski Jumpsuit – Ski Suit in Leopard Print
black plus size ski pants with overall suspenders
Black onesie ski jumpsuit for under coat – Plus Size Snow Suspender Pants

Hot Tip: Choose plus size ski wear in colors or with patterns, so it’s easier for your friends and family members to find you on the slopes!

#8: Plus Size Ski Wear: LL Bean

Following PTL on my list of plus size ski outfits, we have LL Bean! They don’t have a TON of options, but I know this is a popular brand for skiers, so I wanted to be sure to include it.


  • Goes up to a 3x, which fits 47” waist.

Be sure to check out:

  • Plus Size Ski Jackets
  • Plus Size Ski Base Layers
  • Plus Size Snow Pants – Waterproof

Check out plus size ski wear at LL Bean here!

#9: Plus Size Ski Wear: Alpine Curves

Alpine Curves has a lot of products on their website, and you have to be willing to click around!


  • Alpine Curves, goes up to 6x in 61” waist measurement

Be sure to check out:

  • Plus Size Ski Jackets (Waist 49”)
  • Plus Size Ski Waterproof Snow Pants

Check out plus size ski wear at Alpine Curves here!

plus size ski snowsuit

This blog post was all about plus size ski wear!

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