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tips for taking photos for instagram

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Since starting my blog almost 4 (!!) years ago, I’ve taken thousands, no, tens of thousands of photos. 90% + of those have been with professional photographers, who are kind enough to sort through the flubs and pick final photos of me, thank goodness!

And, while I’m not the END ALL BE ALL when it comes to taking photos, I have learned a few tricks. Below, I’ve shared 5 tips for taking lifestyle photos or photos of you to share on Instagram!

Tips for Taking Photos for Instagram

Tips for Taking Photos for Instagram

When it comes to taking photos, it’s natural to feel silly. In fact, I have a rule that if I don’t feel a little awkward or silly, then I’m not doing it right!! Give yourself permission to look a little ridiculous (or a lot!), and your photos will come out looking more natural.

You’re Going to Hate 98% of Photos Taken – And That’s OK!

You’re Going to Hate 98% of Photos Taken – And That’s OK!

When it comes to choosing a photo to post, know that it is TOTALLY normal to hate a bulk of the photos taken. From weird facial expressions to poses or background that didn’t quite work – it’s okay to not love every shot!

When it comes to choosing a final photo, I like to go through the shoot outfit by outfit, choosing to narrow about 100 photos down to 3 or 4 I love. I do several pass throughs, and I don’t permanently delete anything – just in case I’m being too hard on myself!

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My idea of a good time is sprawling all over the stairs to hashtag GET THE SHOT!! 😂 . After a 2 hour shoot, there can easily be 1,000+ photos that have to be reviewed. I see myself in all sorts of weird poses and making lots of goofs. . Over time, I’ve gotten a lot better at mentally framing the shot, so I know what I’m getting! This is a whole new version of visual thinking, and I’m leveling up! (See the difference in the final shots verses options in the video? We switched up the angle when I had a 💡 moment!) . Here are some other photoshoot tips I’ve learned. . 1️⃣ Put together a shot list! If you’re planning a photoshoot, get inspiration poses and ideas from social media. @canva can be a great help for this, and I also save photos to a specific collection on Instagram when I find something inspiring! It’s way easier to pose and plan a shoot when you have something to work with//show the photographer. . 2️⃣ Some backgrounds just end up NOT WORKING (cry lol), so I make it a point to take photos of an outfit in three ~environments~ while shooting. . 3️⃣ Early morning shoots (7am or 8am start times) tend to have the best light. If you want a soft glow, then make sure you’re not shooting when the sun is harsh at high noon! 😂 . 4️⃣ Plan your outfits in full! Before a shoot, I write out the H2T (head to toe) look, including jewelry, what I’m wearing under the outfit, shoes – even lipstick! This means I spend less time digging through bags! . 5️⃣ Practice faces and poses in front of a mirror! I know this sounds silly, but this tip from professional model @hayleyhermsofficial is super helpful! You’ll have a much better photoshoot if you have a poses/faces you’ve practiced and seen in a mirror – so you know how you look! Otherwise, you’re doing things for the camera without a clue as to what you’ll look like! . Do you like having your photo taken? Ever wanted to do a professional photoshoot? Tell me below! ⤵️ . 📸: @isaac.hong.11 . #PlusSize #HomeLifestyle #ApartmentHunting #Solopreneur #ApartmentTherapy #Shero #TownHomeLiving #mydiastyle #LGBT #stayathomechallenge #WorkingFromHome #QueerFashion #Fatshion #PlusSizeModel #ModelingTips #BloggerTips

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Instagram Photoshoot Tip #1: Don’t Let Your Hands DISAPPEAR! | Influencer Photoshoot Tip

It can be tempting to shove your hands in your pockets, because you’re uncomfortable.

Don’t do this!! This is visually confusing to the viewer! Be sure to leave your thumbs out, put your hand halfway into your pocket (putting only your fingers in your pocket) or just putting your thumbs in your pocket.

In the post below (check it on Instagram HERE), you can see that my thumbs are in my pockets, showing them off – but my whole hand is outside my pockets!

Tips for taking photos for Instagram - don't put your hands in your pockets!

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Instagram Photoshoot Tip #2: Take Photos of Yourself SITTING! | Blogger Photo Tips

A great way to stand out from the crowd is by taking photos of yourself SITTING. Scrolling through your feed, I’m sure you’ll see a lot of folks (most bloggers and influencers, even!) don’t take photos of themselves fitting.

Part of this is because of what our idea of “flattering” is, and the other part is that folks don’t know how to pose!

So, here’s a little checklist to run through when taking photos sitting:

  • Lean the bulk of your weight FORWARD. Don’t sink into the couch (unless you’re recreating that iconic Rihanna photo). Shift your energy and literal weight of your body FORWARD, towards the viewer.
  • Get your spine right! Imagine there is a string attached to the crown of your head, and it’s pulling you up into alignment.
  • Tilt Chin Up: Stare straight ahead of you, and hten move your eyes up a bit – then have your head follow. Think of it as a slight angle (like 15 degrees).

(Love this swimsuit? Check it out here!)

Tips for taking photos while sitting for Instagram - Model and Blogger shares her how-to guide!

Instagram Photoshoot Tip #3: Whip Out Your Phone’s Camera – Set to Square! | Influencer Photoshoot Tips

It can be hard to frame a shot, so when I’m on set, I’ll sometimes whip out my iPhone Pro Max, open the camera – and put my photo to the square aspect ratio. I’ll then look through my camera around the set, to help me “Frame” the shot for Instagram.

This makes it easier to set up a shot!

Tips for Taking Photos for Instagram

Instagram Photoshoot Tip #4: Dance around! Move! Sway baby, sway! | Instagram Photoshoot Tips

When I’m working with a client who is a new or aspiring blogger or influencer, this is one of the first pieces of advice I share. If you get in front of a camera, it’s easy to freeze up and not think of any poses.

Because of this, I like to recommend that you sway or dance around a little bit. Shift your weight between your feet, sway from your hips, rock your shoulders a little, play with your hair, etc.

Movement shots look GREAT (some really suck, don’t worry about that!), and this is a good way to take “natural photos.”

For the Instagram post below, I swayed back and forth, shifting my weight from my front to my back leg!

Tips for taking photos for your Instagram feed!

Instagram Photoshoot Tip #5: Save Poses to Your Instagram Collections or on Pinterest

When doing a photoshoot, it can be hard to keep track of everything that’s happening, (heck, I have a whole system for keeping track of my car keys!). Because of this, I recommend having a “Pose” folder on your Instagram Collections or a Pinterest board.

As you see what other content creators are doing, you can save pose ideas to this board – and look through it pre-shoot. Eventually, you can graduate to compiling a full shot list with poses, planning for each outfit!

I loved this pose I saw in a magazine, and I snapped a photo of it – and saved to my Pinterest!

How to take great photos for your Instagram - Fashion blogger poses!

Want More Pose Inspiration? Join Me on Instagram!!

I make it a point to try loads of different poses (although, you can tell I have favorites, lol) for my Instagram. Be sure to join me there for photoshoot BTS and pose ideas!

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