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Y'all, I have been blogging for a MINUTE, and I've been helping to design corporate and blogging websites as a UI/UX designer for even longer. One of the most popular questions I'm asked is, "What platform should I launch my blog on?" There are SO MANY options, and there are about...
how do I get support for my new business?
While I love writing about and making FASHION, I also have a deep love for personal development – and leveling up in my relationships and interactions with other people! As part of that love for personal development, I offer services as a business coach...
tips for taking photos for instagram
Since starting my blog almost 4 (!!) years ago, I've taken thousands, no, tens of thousands of photos. 90% + of those have been with professional photographers, who are kind enough to sort through the flubs and pick final photos of me, thank goodness!
Hello, my name is Brianne, and I have never met a stage I didn't like. This probably comes as no surprise to you, as I regularly share photos of my face all over the dang internet! Over the last...
Diverse people holding shopping bags
I see this question online a lot, usually from entrepreneurs who are looking to build an online presence on a platform they control (i.e., not Etsy). It’s important to have a presence on Etsy for discoverability (Etsy has spent a lot of $$$$ getting eyeballs on the website, so it’s good to...

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