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Camera Recommended for YouTube and Fashion blogging
Well, hello cutie! I get asked questions about blogging and YouTubing ALL of the dang time.  It can be overwhelming to pick a camera, website host, etc. i've put together a "shopping list" below, so you'll know what I use.  If you do choose to snag one of these products, please...
tips for taking photos for instagram
Since starting my blog almost 4 (!!) years ago, I've taken thousands, no, tens of thousands of photos. 90% + of those have been with professional photographers, who are kind enough to sort through the flubs and pick final photos of me, thank goodness!
Recently, I was chatting with my friend, Sarah Conley of Rascal Honey, in the DMs on Twitter. We were talking about photoshoots (my favorite topic), and I mentioned that I was posting to Instagram every day – and how it was tiring, but I was...

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