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tips for taking photos for instagram
Since starting my blog almost 4 (!!) years ago, I've taken thousands, no, tens of thousands of photos. 90% + of those have been with professional photographers, who are kind enough to sort through the flubs and pick final photos of me, thank goodness!
Tips for photoshoots for models
Since taking Hayley Herms class on becoming a professional freelance plus model, I've booked a number of gigs. I didn't think I would become a model when I started blogging, but being in front of the camera anywhere from 5-15 hours per week really...
Well, hello there!  I'm a plus-size blogger AND a fashion designer.  I've helped plan and pick models for countless runway shows at this point, as well as ecommerce photoshoots. Aspiring plus size models have a tough hand to play.  Plus size fashion brands complain they can't find and cast models...

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