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fun LGBT Pride Christmas Tree Ornaments - Shopping Guide

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I love LOVEEEE decorating for Christmas! This is the first year I’ll be decorating my own tree by myself (wooo single lady life!!), and I’ve been doing a lot of research on fun and kische Christmas tree ornaments.

In 2021, I moved into a gorgeous apartment I love, and I’m excited to begin collecting LGBT Christmas Tree ornaments that I love!

This blog post is all about LGBT Christmas tree ornaments.

LGBT Christmas Tree Ornaments

I want to have a classy / luxurious tree, but one where folks get a cheeky grin when they get a bit closer – to see some fun LGBTQ holiday ornaments! Whether you’re looking for rainbow flag ornaments, trans celebration christmas tree ornaments, or just gay ornaments in general — I got you!!

I’ve been doing a. LOT of research, which I’m now sharing with you!

Below, I’ve shared my fave LGBT ornaments!

[Note: This post was originally published on November 4, 2020. It was last updated November 21, 2022.]

#1 LGBT Trans Christmas Ornament: The Agenda ($14.99 USD)

Okay, I make jokes about the “Gay Agenda” all of the time, and for that reason I love this “Trans Agenda” holiday ornament. This is a great gift for a friend who is Trans, and I’ll be putting it on my tree to celebrate the trans members of my chosen family!

From the maker: “This 3D ornament is about 3in tall, foam and comes a tree hanging hook. All of our ornaments are 100% hand sculpted and hand painted and and can be purchased with any pride flag of your choice. This ornament is hard yet lightweight, and will hand nicely on any tree. Our items are not factory made, so no one item is a complete replica – expect a little handmade charm and love!”

Shop this LGBT Christmas tree ornament here!

LGBT holiday christmas tree ornmanet
Check out this LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament HERE!

#2 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Satin Rainbow Ball LGBT Ornament ($21.30+)

Next up on our list of LGBT Christmas tree ornaments, we have this luxurious satin rainbow LGBT Christmas ornament!

I love the sparkle!

From the brand: “Whether you’re a traditional decorator or a simple visitor, shop my unique collection of handcrafted Xmas baubles to decorate your home.”

Get this gorgeous LGBT rainbow Christmas tree ornament here!

See more pictures of this satin rainbow Christmas tree ornament here!

#3 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Rainbow Glass Snowflake ($25 USD)

Next up we have this gorgeous glass rainbow Christmas tree ornament! I love this combination of the rainbow flag and snowflakes, it’s so fun!

From the maker: “Fused glass rainbow snowflake ornament. This ornament includes all the colors of the rainbow with clear iridescent glass on the top layer. The iridescent glass has reflective properties showing differences in color at different angles and lighting.”

Shop this LGBT Christmas tree ornament HERE!

Check out this LGBT Rainbow Ornament here!

#4 LGBT Christmas Ornament: Pride Merman ($36.99 USD)

Ok, how fun are these gay Christmas tree ornaments from December Diamonds!!? There are a PLETHORA of LGBT merman pride Christmas tree ornaments for a Christmas Tree! One of my life goals is to have a tree with *only* these super fun merman ornaments!

From fireman to cowboys to a few… more NSFW options, these make a great gift and ornament!

Shop this LGBT Christmas ornament here!

merman with pride flag - LGBT holiday christmas tree ornmanet

#5 Queer Christmas Tree Ornament: Agender, Asexual, Pansexual, Polysexual, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid Ornaments

I wrote this post a few years ago, when there was SLIM PICKINGS for LGBT Christmas ornaments. Now, a few years later, I am overjoyed to be able to include ornaments for my queer siblings of varying identities, thanks to Sonrisas Musings on etsy!

From the maker: “This ornament is embroidered and hand stitched from felt. The back of the ornament will be defaulted to solid black in color but can feature the same flag (double sided) for an additional fee.”

Select which ornament you’d like from the dropdown menu on the product page. (Price listed is for ONE ornament!)

Shop these LGBTQIA+ Christmas tree ornaments here!

#6 Bisexual Pride Christmas Tree Ornament: Love is Love ($17.99 USD)

This wouldn’t be much of an LGBT Christmas tree ornament roundup, without some bisexual pride present! I saw this cute little frot holding a heart (with the bisexual flag colors), and I just loved it!

From the maker: “Add a personalized touch to your home with this customizable glass ornament. It comes with a gold-colored ribbon so you can hang it anywhere around the home. It will look as much in place on a wall or by a window as it will in a Christmas tree.”

Snag this bisexual pride Christmas tree ornament here!

#7 LGBT Rainbow Christmas Tree Ornament: Love is Love ($17.99 USD)

I love this heart shaped LGBT Christmas tree ornament! It’s a bit campy, but also lovely! Such a great balance.

From the brand: “The pride rainbow “Love Is Love” heart ornament from Kurt Adler is a vibrant addition to your holiday décor. The ornament features a heart shape with the pride rainbow across it. On the front are the words, “Love Is Love” in black lettering and matching glittered stripes.”

Shop this LGBT rainbow Christmas tree ornament HERE!

#8 Lesbian Flag Christmas Tree LGBT Ornament

Next up, we have to be sure to include the “L” in “LGBT”! This lesbian Christmas tree ornament is simple, taking inspiration from the colors on the Lesbian pride flag!

From the maker: “This cute LGTBQ ornament features the lesbian pride flag, and is the perfect pride gift for any lesbian person in your life. This cute gay pride ornament is a great lesbian pride accessory and is part of our lgbtq ornament series.”

Shop this lesbian pride ornament here!

#9 Unicorn Christmas Tree LGBT Ornament ($12.66+ USD)

Okay, so we could argue that a unicorn isn’t automatically an “LGBT ornament,” but that is not the kind of energy we want around these parts! I love this unicorn Christmas tree ornament, as it’s perfect for a silver/gold holiday aesthetic!

This aluminum unicorn ornament is lightweight! From the maker: “The aluminum material allows our ornaments to be light and delicate as they dangle from the twine. The tumbled grey/silver finish shines with a slight sparkle in the light. Subtle surface variation is normal, including small scratches and variable texture; please refer to our pictures for more detail.”

Shop this LGBT Christmas tree ornament here!

simple metal unicorn - LGBT holiday christmas tree ornmanet
Get this LGBT Christmas tree ornament here!

#10 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: First Christmas Clear Glass Ornament ($24.99)

How sweet is this LGBT Christmas tree ornament? It’s a heart that says, “Our First Christmas as Wives.”

From the brand: “Personalized with Names and Year. Married Ornament. A beautiful keepsake for any couple.”

Shop this LGBT Christmas ornament here!

Check out this LGBTQ+ Christmas tree ornament here!

#11 Pride Flag Christmas Tree Ornament: Progress Pride Flag Ornament

If you’re looking for a more traditional option for an LGBT Christmas ornament (perhaps to give to someone who is newly out?), this is a lovely and simple design!

Shop this pride flag ornament here!

#12 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Happy Holigays Ornament

We love “The Holigays”!! This round LGBT Christmas tree ornament is colorful and tells a little in-group joke!

Shop this fun LGBT Christmas tree ornament here.

#13 Queer Christmas Tree Ornament: Rainbow Lightning Bolt

This next LGBT Christmas tree ornament is making my little maximalist heart SO happy! I love how slick and shiny the design is on this rainbow Christmas tree ornament!

From the maker: “This novelty bauble is shaped as a lightning bolt. The festive holiday decoration is a rainbow bolt which features a metallic finish and a loop to hang on your Christmas tree. This ornament would make a fun gift for a rainbow lover’s Christmas tree or someone who creating a pride themed Xmas. Add a spark of colour to your Christmas this year!

Shop this queer christmas tree ornament here!

#14 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Rainbow Felted Ornament ($14)

How fun are these rainbow felted Christmas tree ornaments? I love all of the different color palettes available!

From the brand: “Our handmade charms and needled felted with 100% New Zealand wool and hand painted with gold and silver glitter.

They do make wonderful holiday tree ornaments, but not limited to it! The are the perfect size to attach to your small handbag or purse as a good luck charm, plus also make a cute decoration for you car, door knob, present topper and decor for a child’s bedroom.”

Check out these rainbow LGBT Christmas tree ornaments here!

#15 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Rainbow Cat Ornamen t($21.30+)

How fun are these rainbow cats?!

Check out this rainbow LGBT Christmas ornament here!

#16 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Round Pride Flag & Trans Flag Ornaments

Looking for some LGBT ornaments with a bit of texture?! Then you’ll definitely want to check out this spiral rainbow LGBT Christmas Tree ornament!

From the brand: “This red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and glittery gold Christmas Decoration will make a unique gift for someone who loves anything rainbow!”

Get these round Pride Christmas tree ornaments here!

#17 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Cute Avocados

How fun is this next LGBT pride ornament for Christmas? These little avocados are so freaking cute! This would be such a good present for a queer couple!

From the maker: “Because when you are together you feel like if you both are the half of the same avocado!”

Shop this LGBT Christmas ornament here!

#18 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Wooden Christmas Tree Rainbow Ornament

How fun is this rainbow pride Christmas tree ornament?

From the brand: “Each ornament has a Hand painted paper collage with holographic paper. Resin top coating. May have slight variations in design.”

Check out the details on this LGBTQ+ Christmas tree ornament here!

#19 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: LGBT Couple Ornament ($17+)

This LGBT Christmas ornament featuring an LGBTQ+ couple is just darling!

Get it here!

LGBT Couple Christmas Tree Ornament Rainbow Heart pride

#20 Trans Christmas Tree Ornament: Digital Heart

I love this Trans Christmas Tree ornament! This is pretty for a Trans person who loves digital media or gaming!

From the maker:

Shop this Trans Christmas tree ornament here!

#21 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Rainbow Set ($23.40+)

I am seriously considering snagging this set of colorful glass ornaments that make up a rainbow!

From the brand: “These jewel tone sphere ornaments are perfect as sun catchers and holiday ornaments! They are available in 7 colors with white glass “snow” on the ribs. Each one has a hand sculpted clear glass hook and measures approximately 4″ wide.”

Shop these LGBT Rainbow Christmas ornaments here!

Check out these rainbow glass ornaments here!

#22 LGBT Christmas Tree Ornament: Rainbow Pride Flag Tree Skirt

Okay, so technicallyyyyy this isn’t an ornament – but I couldn’t leave it off! We love LGBT rainbow Christmas decor! This tree skirt is 44″ around, and it’s so fun! The maker is based in Brooklyn, New York!

Shop here!

pride rainbow tree skirt - LGBT holiday christmas tree ornmanet
Check out this LGBT rainbow tree skirt here!

This blog post was all about LGBT Christmas tree ornaments.

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