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7 job hunting tips new grads
Today on the blog, I wanted to share job hunting tips for new graduates! I write a lot of tips for job hunting, as well as salary negotiation and resume tips – and today I wanted to help people who are recent college graduates and trying...
job interview tips
If you've landed on this blog post, congrats! It means that you've snagged an interview – or you're very close to snagging one. In this blog post, I share my top 7 job interview tips, including a helpful cheat sheet so you can be a bit...
In this blog post, I share the BEST personal finance books for women, most written by women! Okay, so if you've landed on this here blog post, it's probably because you're also frustrated with the general offering of what I call, "Personal Finance Land."
tips to make more money
I love making goals, and I love making plans on how to accomplish my goals. I know hat not everyone loves making New Year's Resolutions – but I freaking LOVE them (keep reading if you hate resolutions, I promise it will be worth it.)
One of my favorite things to share on social media is reminding and nudging people to raise their freelance rates or pricing. And, while I love a good business tweet or Facebook rant about business – it occurred to me that this advice isn't...
Is the ElleVest coaching session worth the investment?
In today's blog post, I wanted to share a review of the Ellevest 1:1 Money Checkup session, as well as my thoughts on the "Money Coaching" offering from ElleVest. Because a lot goes into reviewing a session, I've broken down this post into a...
Tips for a resume
I spend a good chunk of my day reviewing (and writing) resumes for clients. I see the SAME DANG MISTAKES all of the dang time, so, today, we're gonna talk about them. I can't save everyone from resume mistakes, but I can save...
Camera Recommended for YouTube and Fashion blogging
Well, hello cutie! I get asked questions about blogging and YouTubing ALL of the dang time.  It can be overwhelming to pick a camera, website host, etc. i've put together a "shopping list" below, so you'll know what I use.  If you do choose to snag one of these products, please...
7 tips for social media marketers
In 2020, I've been seeing a LOT of people dive into side hustles and start a new business! Today, I wanted to share a few tips for folks getting started as a social media marketer. These tips are for folks who already have...
Review of the Knack Pack Business Backpack for Women
Today on the blog, i'm sharing a review of the Knack Pack, a business travel backpack. I've been working with Knack Bags for the past two years in social media and influencer marketing, and it's safe to say I really understand this expandable backpack!

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