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tips to make more money
I love making goals, and I love making plans on how to accomplish my goals. I know hat not everyone loves making New Year's Resolutions – but I freaking LOVE them (keep reading if you hate resolutions, I promise it will be worth it.)
One of my favorite things to share on social media is reminding and nudging people to raise their freelance rates or pricing. And, while I love a good business tweet or Facebook rant about business – it occurred to me that this advice isn't...
Is the ElleVest coaching session worth the investment?
In today's blog post, I wanted to share a review of the Ellevest 1:1 Money Checkup session, as well as my thoughts on the "Money Coaching" offering from ElleVest. Because a lot goes into reviewing a session, I've broken down this post into a...
Tips for a resume
I spend a good chunk of my day reviewing (and writing) resumes for clients. I see the SAME DANG MISTAKES all of the dang time, so, today, we're gonna talk about them. I can't save everyone from resume mistakes, but I can save...
Camera Recommended for YouTube and Fashion blogging
Well, hello cutie! I get asked questions about blogging and YouTubing ALL of the dang time.  It can be overwhelming to pick a camera, website host, etc. i've put together a "shopping list" below, so you'll know what I use.  If you do choose to snag one of these products, please...
7 tips for social media marketers
In 2020, I've been seeing a LOT of people dive into side hustles and start a new business! Today, I wanted to share a few tips for folks getting started as a social media marketer. These tips are for folks who already have...
Review of the Knack Pack Business Backpack for Women
Today on the blog, i'm sharing a review of the Knack Pack, a business travel backpack. I've been working with Knack Bags for the past two years in social media and influencer marketing, and it's safe to say I really understand this expandable backpack!
Looking around at my fellow folks who are ~trying to adult~, it sometimes feels like other folks have like, an adulting manual. From shopping for a new car to figuring out retirement to apartment shopping to applying for a new job – I sometimes feel like...
how do I get support for my new business?
While I love writing about and making FASHION, I also have a deep love for personal development – and leveling up in my relationships and interactions with other people! As part of that love for personal development, I offer services as a business coach...
tips for taking photos for instagram
Since starting my blog almost 4 (!!) years ago, I've taken thousands, no, tens of thousands of photos. 90% + of those have been with professional photographers, who are kind enough to sort through the flubs and pick final photos of me, thank goodness!

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