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Y'all, I love the end of the year. I revel in looking back at how the year went. Successes. F*ck ups. You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been, so I'd like to share a few thoughts!
Y'all, it's no secret I love New York.  While the city can be a tad overwhelming, there's such an incredible mix of people, art & culture, and just this ENERGY in the air there. Aaaaand, NYC is home to one of my fave plus size boutiques:  plus BKLYN. I met the...
Today, I received an Instagram DM from a blogger bestie (after sharing some of my concerns about Universal Standard), that said, “I feel like you will personally sink their ship.” And, while this made me chuckle, because I've been doing activist work for a decade (I was NOT the favorite...

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