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plus size business casual outfits
As a business professional (I own a marketing and coaching agency), I'm often stuck in this weird spot where I need to get dressed for a meeting or for travel – but I often feel stumped when it comes to putting together plus size business casual outfits.
Review of the Knack Pack Business Backpack for Women
Today on the blog, i'm sharing a review of the Knack Pack, a business travel backpack. I've been working with Knack Bags for the past two years in social media and influencer marketing, and it's safe to say I really understand this expandable backpack!
Plus Size Fashion Model in Utah - Brianne Huntsman Editorial
I love gardening (see my post on container gardening HERE), and I've been making an effort to do more photoshoots at home – given all of the, well, everything happening in 2020! For this photoshoot, I decided to drag over my HUGE container gardening pots...
I met the founders of See Rose Go at PLUS Pop, a plus size pop up last year in Manhattan.  I was immediately struck by the quality and FEEL of their clothes, which (because I mostly shop online), isn't something that normally weighs into a purchase decision. I really appreciate the structure...

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