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7 tips for social media marketers
In 2020, I've been seeing a LOT of people dive into side hustles and start a new business! Today, I wanted to share a few tips for folks getting started as a social media marketer. These tips are for folks who already have...
Courses from the Huntswoman
I'm a big fan of coaching and taking online classes. There's a lot out there to learn, and the most current (and in-depth) knowledge often doesn't make it to bookstore shelves – because not enough people will buy the book to make it worth...
What I include in my social media contracts for freelance work
I first started working social media marketing around 2010. I was taking time off from school (figuring out my ADHD and, you know, coming out). I was CONVINCED that there had to be a way to work remotely and make money, and this was before...

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