Looking for a Job? 10 of My Favorite Websites to Use

This morning, I woke up and felt like someone needed this information. SO HERE YOU GO! This...
Plus Size Men to Follow on Instagram

9 Plus Size Male Models & Bloggers to Follow on Instagram!

Fashion is fascinating to me, because it intersects and connects art, commerce and politics. Particularlyyyy body politics.

Sharing Your Work vs. Being “Self-Promotey”

Hello, my name is Brianne, and I have never met a stage I didn't like. This probably comes as...

Cookie Monster as High Fashion – This Blue Fur Coat from Elvi

I love making a statement. When I buy clothes, I do so with the intention of saying something. Clothing is a...

Learning from 2018 – & What to Expect in 2019!

Y'all, I love the end of the year. I revel in looking back at how the year went. Successes. ...

“I’m a Mess” | How I Manage My ADHD without Losing My Goddamn Mind

You're not a late capitalist robot, and you're not going to have it TOGETHER all of the dang time.

I Love These “Queen Bee Earrings” from Natalie Wynn Design

The state of Utah actually has a pretty thriving fashion scene. I know, it sounds like the Utah Tourism...

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