9+ Plus Size Faux Fur Coats | Inspired by “Hustlers” Movie


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Last weekend I went and saw Hustlers with J.Lo, Cardi B, Constance Wu and Lizzo (!!). The wardrobe was absolutely iconic, and I am so impressed with the work of costume designer, Mitchell Travers.

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The film was full of Fashion Moments, but none so iconic as the fur collection of Ramona, played by J.Lo. Longline and full-length fur coats galore! Truly, the furs deserve an IMDB credit.

I mean, COME ON! Truly iconic.

Ethical Fashion: Faux Fur

Inspired by the movie, I began hunting around for plus size faux fur coats. I personally have a rule that if I don’t eat it, I don’t wear the fur or leather. (I eat hamburgers, so I wear leather. I don’t eat, say, chinchillas or mink.)

Luxurious Wardrobe FTW

I’m ready to strut down the street in long plus size fur coat! I reviewed this blue faux fur coat from ELVI last year, and I’m ready to add to the collection!

Below, I’ve shared my favorite plus size faux fur coats.

Pick #1: Posh Faux Fur Stroller ($349 USD)

This faux fur coat is modeled after mink, and I love the longer fur (similar to fox) detailing towards the bottom. Curvy babes who love a more desert color palette will rock the hell out of this look.

Shop this plus size coat here.

Pick #2: Snow Leopard Black & White Faux Fur Coat ($299 USD)

This coat is available in up to a 3X, and is perfect for pairing with a chic black dress. It’s collarless and uses a hook closure.

Details here.

Pick #3: The “Influencer Coat” ($349 USD)

As I was perusing the online offering of plus size fur coats, this one definitely caught my eye. And I had to laugh at myself, because of the name!

The influencer coat is available in up to a 3X, and has strategically placed darker fur towards the hem and back to help keep the coat looking fresh.

Shop this coat here.

Pick #4: Tiger Faux Fur Coat ($119 USD)

How fun is this coat? Think “Tony the Tiger” but make it fashion! I love how it’s styled with black and white, keeping the focus on the coat.

This coat is available in up to a size 24.

Shop here.

Pick #5: Tiger Faux Fur Coat ($119 USD)

This mink inspired has beautiful gray detailing at the edge, making it really pop. Perfect for putting on top of a bodycon dress for a night out on the town this winter!

Available in up to a size 26.

Shop here.

Pick #6: Short Faux Fur Coat ($119)

Want the faux fur look, but you’re not a fan of longer coats? Check out this coat from Eloquii!

Available in up to a size 30, this coat is a true “day to night” option. Dress it up with leather leggings and heels, or pair it with daywear.

Details here.

Pick #7: Aviator Style Fur Coat ($97.99 USD)

Prefer a more fitted plus size fur coat? This coat from SimplyBe is available in up to a size 28, and will hug your curves thanks to it’s “Moto” or “aviator” style.

Details here.

Pick #8: Thalia Coat from Mary Katrantzou ($2,400 USD)

Looking for a luxurious faux fur coat that will turn heads, minus animal cruelty? This ombre faux fur coat is available on 11 Honoré, and it is available in up to a size 20.

Details here.

Pick #9: Pink Faux Fur Collar from Navabi ($160 USD)

I love the color combination of pink and red, and this coat from Navabi is truly a head turner. The collar is faux fur in red, attached to a coat made of a wool blend. It’s only left in a 10 and 14, but I just couldn’t leave it off of this list!

Details here.

Pick #10: Affordable Plus Size Faux Fur Coat from ROAMAN’S ($86 USD)

Did you know that Roaman’s is on Amazon? Woohoo for Prime shipping! This affordable plus size faux fur coat is available in up to a 5X (size 30).

There’s also 3 colors!

Details here.

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