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Plus Size Review of the NIKE Icon Clash Collection
I don’t “work out” in a typical sense.  Sure, I have a gym membership.  Thaaaat I haven’t used in probably over a year. Growing up, especially as a teenager, I viewed working out as a sort of punishment for my body.  It wasn’t fun,...
Plus Size Review of Measure & Made
As someone who is "apple shaped," (AKA I carry my weight in my lower stomach), finding pants can be really tricky. Pants often fit either my waist or my belly, but not both. I don't carry my weight in my thighs,...
Finding professional or workwear options as a plus size babe is HARD.  I don't know why, but a lot of brands seem to think we want polyester suits that look like they're from 1994. And while I love a strong shoulder, I'm not a fan of being a potential fire...

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