Why Service Providers HATE Seeing the Word, “Affordable”


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Today, we’re taking a break from editorial fashion and finance blog content to talk about a LOADED term that I hate to see:


I’m in a lot of really wonderful online communities, and I am so grateful for the admin who run them. (Side note: Thinking of making my own top secret VIP Facebook group, lmk if you want in!)

Looking for “Affordable” Services

In these groups, I will often see my fellow self-employed folks share a post, looking to hire a service provider. From acupuncturists to career coaches to someone who can save your favorite pair of jeans that are wearing out.

And when folks post, they often use the phrase “I am looking for an AFFORDABLE (blank).”

I get *why* folks post this, and I want you to know that if you use this loaded word – most service providers are going to avoid replying. Not because we’re jerks (ok, some of us are jerks) – but because there’s a crap ton of issues with the word, “affordable.”

Let’s dive in:

WTF is “Affordable”?! Affordable to WHOMST?!

Seeing the word affordable usually causes one of two reactions within a self-employed professional:

  1. We wince and we do NOT reach out, because the people who use “affordable” often mean “I don’t want to pay your rates // I want a deal // I will be a pain in the ass to deal with”
  2. It makes the service provider guess at your budget or what “affordable” means. Affordable to who? Not everyone can afford a me or a service provider, especially in a globalized world! Trying to figure out if someone can “afford” me feels gross and judgey.

How to Post – Scripts

If you’re looking for services, please, PUHHHH-LEASE:

Post a specific budget, or ASK about the going rate if you’re unsure!

Example Script – You Know Your Budget

I am looking for a photographer to take some headshots of me for my LinkedIn. I’m located in Phoenix, AZ, and I have a budget of $400.

Example script – You Do NOT Know Your Budget

I am looking for a graphic designer to make a new logo for my kale chip business, where I make kale chips shaped like jellyfish! I’m not sure the going rate for a logo. I have a few logos sketched out, but I’m not a designer, lol. I need someone to take my sketches and make a logo. Any thoughts on pricing // lmk if you’re interested!

I’m not trying to be a jerk, promise!

If you’ve landed on this post, it’s probably because you used the word “affordable” in your post. I think you’re a lovely person, and I’m sharing this information to help you find the best services for you!

I hire a lot of service providers, so If you ever need an idea of what a video editor, graphic designer, fit model, financial planner, etc, cost, pop on in!! I know gathering info can be intimidating.

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