Fashion Editorial at Home | Living Room Photoshoot Idea

At home plus size fashion editorial - ASOS Curve & Cheese Puffs

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Are you looking for at-home photoshoot ideas? Then check out this post, where I share a fun high end campy photoshoot I did in my house – in my living room!

2020 has definitely stretched me creatively, prompting me to rethink photoshoot locations and themes! For this photoshoot, I wanted to do something fun – while also wearing a plus size gown!

Listen, I love evening gowns and GLAMOUR. I may not be going to glitzy parties this year, but I can still have a cocktail in my living room (plus, who doesn’t love cheese puffs?!?).

Curvy Model At Home Photoshoot

I had always wanted to do a photoshoot throwing food, and MAN does it take a lot of time – and clean up! I loved the contrast between the formal red gown and orange cheese puffs, in my living room of all places!

Creativity with contraints FTW! I was the curvy model for this photoshoot and the creative director! More details below!

  • Photographer: Angela Petersen of Visuals by Gie
  • Dress: ASOS Curve
  • Model: Brianne Huntsman (yours truly)
  • Cheese Puffs: From Target! Lol!

Plus Size Model Living Room Editorial Photoshoot

living room photoshoot for instagram
In-home fashion photoshoot with red dress and plus size model LGBT.jpg
Fashion editorial in living room with gowns and cheese puffs
Plus size fashion model from Utah wearing a floor length red gown, holding cheese puffs as a snack for an in-home fashion editorial photoshoot in her living room
Fashion editorial photoshoot featuring cheese puffs as a snack.  Model in floor length red evening gown.

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Fashion editorial photoshoot with snack blogger cheese puffs.jpg
Plus size editorial featuring snacks and red evening gown from ASOS.jpg
Plus size editorial featuring snacks and evening gown from ASOS Curve.jpg
living room photoshoot for instagram
Snack blogger with cheese puffs in fashion photoshoot wearing red floor length evening gown
Plus size fashion model in red gown for in-home photoshoot, holding cheese puffs - we love snacks!
Plus size model in red floor length gown, shooting in her home.

Snack Photoshoot Fun

I had a blast throwing around cheese puffs for this shoot, but, be forewarned if you do your own! We spent a good hour cleaning up cheese puffs and cheese puff dust!

living room photoshoot for instagram

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