Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial | Anastasia Beverly Hills


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I’m a big old skincare nerd, but my makeup skills are, well, a little lacking.

I get prettyyyyy overwhelmed searching for makeup tutorials on YouTube, so I decided to take makeup classes!

Karen Rich, Utah Makeup Artist

I’d worked with Karen Rich (a fabulous makeup artist in Utah), and after a shoot I was looking over her site. I saw that she offered makeup lessons, and I signed right up!

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Sharing How-To Knowledge on YouTube

Karen and I decided it would be super fun to share my lesson to YouTube, so we filmed my session!

Aaaand got around 2 hours of footage.

Second Video in Series

Because YouTube caps video uploads at around 15 minutes, we turned this tutorial into a series! Every Sunday, we release a new video.

This week, I posted the “Soft Glam Eye Makeup Tutorial,” featuring the Soft Glam Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Ready to Up Your Makeup Game?

I learned so much from this series, and I know you will, too!

More Makeup Tutorials?

Is there a makeup technique you’d like me to cover next? Drop me a note in the comments, here or on YouTube!

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