12 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Me


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I was listening to a podcast about blogging, and the host recommended writing a piece like this!   I’ve focused on the hard things I’ve dealt with (coming out, ADHD, etc), so I thought this would be a fun change of pace!

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#1: Movie Fridays

Every Friday (sometimes Saturday), I go and see a movie!  I’m a big movie nerd who loves discussing reviews, plot lines and IMDB.  (IDK if this is TRULY a new thing, as I’ve written movie reviews for the blog.)

I started seeing a movie every week after my therapist told me that I needed to find a hobby where I could “disengage” from work and the internet.  A movie works perfectly, because I can’t have my phone out.

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#2: I Love Travel – But I Hate Planning It!

I’m a Sagittarius, so of course I love travel!  I daydream on Google Flights, and I’m going to be bringing some LGBT travel content to the blog in the next year.  

That said, I *HATE* planning travel.  Dealing with itineraries and tours overwhelms me, so I always travel with friends who live for spreadsheets and figuring out timetables.

My friends send over the schedule, and I put my card number in.  Voila!  Travel BOOKED!

#3: Drink of Choice: Iced Hazelnut Lattes

If we hang out together on Instagram, you probably know that I LOVEEEE coffee and all things espresso.  My drink of choice is usually an iced hazelnut latte with almond milk.

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???? I DON’T WANT KIDS!! ???? . A few years ago, I came to a realization: I don’t want kids. . Growing up, not having kids just wasn’t an option – ya know? Like there was a clear trajectory presented by small town && religious culture, so I told people, “I don’t want kids! I want to adopt.” . With the secret plan of just, ya know, never adopting. ???? . I finally owned up to not wanting kids a few years ago. I was in the car at a stoplight, and parked next to me was a gold Chrysler minivan. The woman driving was leaning back reaching her arms between her kids, doing the whole “Stop hitting your sibling” arm wave. I smiled, and reflexively looked into my back seat. . My backseat was full of fashion outfits for photoshoots and a crap ton of fabric. . And I had this realization that the life I want, and the way I want to live my life, isn’t conducive to kids. And I fully thought the thought that had been lurking for years but never spoken: “I don’t want kids.” . Now don’t get me wrong. I think kids are great. I’m not one of those snobby people who think that children shouldn’t be out in public, and I’m really kind to parents on flights! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve held a baby on a Southwest flight while their parents take a nap. ???????????? . That said, I’m not willing to make the sacrifices required by kids. They do change your life! . Now, caveat: Maybe someday I’ll change my mind. Maybe I’ll find a nice lady and adopt. But right now, I’m having a blast planning and dreaming up a life that honestly doesn’t include them. . Looking at my relationship with my parents – the best gift my mom ever gave me was to say, “My kids are three years apart because we worked and saved for 2 years to have each of you. You were wanted and planned for.” I think that’s a beautiful thing to be able to give a child. . Do you want kids? Do you have kids? What has this choice looked like for you? . ????: @visualsbygie . #effyourbeautystandards #qwear #dapperq #fempreneur #designyourlife #hardfemme #childlessbychoice #plantmom #utahmodel #lgbtmodel #alternativecurves #plusblogger

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#4: Country Music FTW

While I am alwaaaays down to blast Missy Elliot and Cardi B, I usually listen to country music when I drive. 

#5: All of My Tattoos are with BFFs

Whenever I see photos of myself, I squint a little – because I feel like I have more tattoos than I do.  I have four tattoos, all matching with BFFs. I’ve tried to convince my sister to get matching tattoos, but she’s NOT Into needles, lol.

#6: Adult Drink of Choice: Fruity Cocktails 

I’m not a beer fan, at ALL.   Not really into Jaeger or Gin, either.  I usually order fruity drinks with Vodka, Rum, tequila or some sort of liqueur combination.  

If there’s an umbrella in it, I want to try a sip!!  (Also looking for brands to try for a “mixologist” blog series, so if you’ve got faves – LMK!)

#7: Nerd ALERT!

I grew up watching Star Trek, Buffy, Xena, etc etc.  I love reading urban fantasy books, and I’m a huuuuge nerd.  But not for Star Wars, tbh.  This is why I wrote my post on urban fantasy books and plus size cosplay!

#8: I’m a Terrible Cook

Growing up in a conservative place, I decided to eschew domestic skills (cleaning, cooking, etc) in the name of feminism.  (Plot twist: Valuing domestic labor is a huge part of my personal Feminist Agenda.)

I’m in the process of testing out several meal delivery services, because right now my repertoire is limited to sandwiches and like 3 meals.  Sorry, mom and dad!!

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While I’m at a loss in the kitchen, I am your go-to girl for all things gardening and landscaping.  I grew up as my mom’s Gardening Assistant, and I worked at various landscaping companies and greenhouses in my early twenties.

I love weeding and planting.  And I especially love planning out where to plant what.

I keep most of my plants outside, but I do love a succulent on a windowsill!

#10: I Love Learning Etiquette & Being “Culturally Competent”

I find social contracts around politeness fascinating, and as a kid I collected different versions and printings of Emily Post’s “Etiquette.”

Okay, you caught me. I still collect these.

I love learning about how to greet people In different cultures, rules around eating and gift giving – even down to how to present business cards based on what country you’re in.  (The book, Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands is excellent for business people who want to better understand those from other countries!!)

#11: I’m a Freak about Sunscreen

I see my esthetician monthly for treatments, and I always have at least 2 brands of sunscreen on me!!  I’ll also offer my sunscreen to new friends!

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#12: I Prefer the Term, “Queer”

Gender is a weird thing, so I usually tell people I identify as “Queer,” but I’ll also use “gay” or “lesbian.” I’ve dated people with various gender identities (down with the binary!), and this term works best for me.

Being a blogger means I engage with people who don’t always know a lot about LGBTQ+ issues. I’ll often use whatever term makes conversing easier, but I prefer “queer”!

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