7+ Black Plus Size Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram! (New People to Check Out!)

Plus Size Fashion Bloggers to Follow

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Today I’m sharing a roundup featuring some of my favorite Black and African American plus size fashion and lifestyle bloggers. These folks create content about fashion, lifestyle, family, sustainability and more fabulous topics.

Black Plus Size Fashion Bloggers

There are a lot of famous Black bloggers with over 100,000 followers on Instagram, and today I want to focus on creatives with smaller platforms – I want to see these creatives grow!!

Aside: I’m a white plus size fashion blogger! It’s helpful to know the identity of the writer for posts like this. <3

Black Sewing Blogger #1: Aaronica of Needle & The Belle – Georgia!

Aaronica of Needle & The Belle is a Black sewing and crafting blogger from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s a fan of all things indie and sustainability, and she regularly tests plus size sewing patterns for other folks to learn from!

Black Home Decor Blogger #2: Shamika of FroPlusFashion – Florida!

Shamika is one of my favorite Black lifestyle creators. Based in Florida, she posts beautiful photos of her plus size wardrobe, and she also includes thrifted and resale clothing pieces (woo Poshmark!).

Black Plus Size Blogger #3: Kayla of Kayla’s Chaos – New York City!

Kayla shares some amazing streetwear, travel, and lifestyle posts! She’s also the shopping editor at BuzzFeed! I love her body positive content. <3

Black Plus Size Blogger #4: LaToya of The Fat Girl of Fashion

Folks, I found LaToya on Twitter, and I’ve been a fan ever since! She keeps it 100% real, and she has me laughing out loud and learning all dang day.

I love her plus size fashion outfit posts! If you’re looking for style inspiration, go to LaToya’s feed!!

Black Fashion Blogger #5: LaKeisha of LoveThyself365 – California!

LaKeisha is a plus size blogger whose work also promotes body liberation and activism.

Black Fashion Influencer #6: Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma – Oregon!

Based in Portland, Oregon, Kanda isn’t technically a blogger (she’s a model/musician), but I love her content and wanted to include her anyways!

Black Fashion Model #7: Lydia Okello

Lydia a signed Black model and creative, and I find so much inspiration in how the style PANTS! I know that sounds weird, but you’ll see what I mean when you go to their feed.

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Week Nine — felt kind of all over the place this week. High highs and low lows. But! This week is a delightful theme so let’s not delay. ⠀ ⠀ A prompt I hadn’t done yet (!?!??) is a good old R O Y G B I V. I missed the #instarainbowchallenge and I needed the seratonin boost. SO. Taste the damn rainbow. ⠀ ⠀ Monday — Red-y for it. I couldn’t resist. A very average Monday. | thrifted shirt blazer thingy, old HM croptop, @bigbudpress trousers, @aboutarianne mules. ⠀ ⠀ Tuesday — Full disclosure: I only wore a lounge outfit this day. BUT I couldn’t just… break the palette. So… here is what I WOULD have worn. If I wasn’t in leggings. | @sotelaco Pomelo shirt (gifted), Community Thrift silk shirt, tye dye socks, old ASOS pants, Vans classic slip ons. ⠀ ⠀ Wednesday — Very very very excited to do a 100% green look. I used to shy away from green; it felt too jarring or ugly. I see now I was sorely mistaken. Limes, khakis and acid green have become some of my favourite shades to look out for. Sweetly sinister and bitter. | @elizafaulkner sheer top (gifted), Big Bud Press trousers, @emuaustrailia slippers, Community Thrift liner jacket (later slide).⠀ ⠀ Thursday — Blue is the most common color in my wardrobe. Klein blue is absolute FAVOURITE hue of all time (note the socks, natch). Grocery day and lil’ babe blue. Thursdays are the end of my work week these day so it’s nice to get out of the house and plan *treats* for the week. | @beatonlinen denim chore coat (gifted), thrifted patterned shirt, ASOS bike shorts, @shopgutsclub socks, fuzzy Nordstrom x Vans old skools. ⠀ ⠀ Friday — I was worried I couldn’t muster some violet in the wardrobe but I slapped it together. Purple has entered the chat! | Community Thrift linen shirt, tye dye tee, thrifted grandma pants, Adidas slides. ⠀ ⠀ I’ll definitely revisit this theme! The payoff of a rainbow is satisfying, and it’s interesting to restrict myself to particular tones for each look. I tried to bridge each look to the previous, and I think I would play with that more next time. What are your color feelings? How was your week? Tell me all about it. #plusootd #tombabe #ootd

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Black Fashion Blogger #8: Sheri from New York!!

I connected with Sheri on Twitter, and I am OBSESSED with the color palette she uses on her Instagram! Sheri is a Black fashion blogger headquartered in New York!


Black Fashion Blogger #9: Ikea Alexis from Detroit!

Omg!!! I cannot get over Ikea’s gorgeous SMILE!! Ikea is a Black fashion blogger who is based in Detroit!


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Who Should I Add?

I’d love to add more Black bloggers and creatives to this list. Drop me a line if you know of a few folks I should add! <3



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