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plus size workout tips

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Today on the blog, I’m sharing 7 plus size workout tips for my readers!

I know that “working out” can bring a WHOLE LOT OF FEELS for plus size folks.For instance, I have a whole lot of not-so-great feelings even saying the WORD, “exercise.”

plus size workout tips
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Plus Size Workout Tips

So, before you get started – I want you to know that I’m going to be sharing these tips from a place of promoting self-love and self-respect.

Maybe even a little self-adoration?

Maybe even a little self-adoration?

I’m taking an explicit “body autonomy” approach, which means that I support *your* right to make choices about your body! I’m not going to discuss w3ight l0ss or anything related to that. (Switched up the spelling to avoid gross ads!)

I’ll also be sharing plus size workout tips from my own experience – and these tips are SPECIFIC and ACTIONABLE!

Alright, let’s get started!

plus size workout tips

#1 Plus Size Workout Tip: High Waist Workout Leggings

Ok, so as you begin moving your body joyfully – you may find you have to *constantly* hike your dang pants up!

It’s so obnoxious!

For this reason, I recommend getting plus size high waist workout leggings. I buy my high waist workout leggings from Lane Bryant, in both a size 22 and 24. I use the size 22 leggings when I’ll be moving around more (walking, jumping around, etc). Then, I use the size 24 leggings when I’m lifting weights, doing yoga or won’t be doing a lot of cardio.

Why do I have 2 sizes of plus size workout leggings?!

Why do I have 2 sizes of workout leggings?!

I use the size 22 when I want them to be a bit more tight (so they stay up). Then, I use the size 24 plus size leggings when I’m going to be more stationary. I like that the size 22 leggings stay up as I move around, but I find they’re too tight // hurt my tummy when doing more slow stuff!

Check out my fave plus size workout leggings here!

I like the 7/8 workout leggings from Lane Bryant, because I hate when leggings are too long!

Check these out here!

#2 Plus Size Workout Tip: Start with Stretching

Before starting my plus size workout, I always stretch! It’s easy to get lost when stretching, so I’ll usually use a youtube video to stretch!

#3 Plus Size Workout Tip: Go for function – not aesthetics

Something that I’ve realized this year is how to REFRAME toxic “fitness goals” and set goals for myself that feel good.

Set goals that feel good.

If it comes from a place of guilt or shame, that’s not it! No, thank youuu!

Instead, I frame goals on what I want to do and experience:

  • I want to be able to run to catch a flight
  • I want to reconnect with my body
  • I want to explore nature and go on hikes

^ See the framing there? There’s nothing about *should* or guilt or shame.

plus size workout tips

#4 Plus Size Workout Tip: Don’t Go Hard

Ok, so in my life I’m known for “going hard” and “going after my goals.”

BUUUT, when it comes to a plus size workout? I find that it’s not a good idea to go SUPER hard – because then I’m tired the whole rest of the day! Then I don’t get stuff done I need to, and thennnn I feel like I don’t have time to work out the next day!

I aim for talk-wheezing

When working out, I aim to go at a pace where I can still hold a conversation, but I’m breathing heavy. I aim to get to a point where I’m talk-wheezing, lol.

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#5 Plus Size Workout Tip: Start with Walks

Ok, if you’re like me then I bet entering a gym can feel not-so-great. As I’m working on my relationship with my body, I’ve made a daily steps goal.

I use the “health” app on my iPhone to track my number of steps. This started with 2,000 a day, and over time I’ve increased my steps!

Now, the key thing here is that I DO NOT frame this as guilt, ie, “I should get X number of steps per day!”

Love using the Health app on my iPhone!

Nope! I’ve gamified it, walking around my neighborhood and looking for ways to add to my step count. (I’m a little competitive, lol.)

My goal here is to able to run to catch a plane if I need to, so this goal is based on functionality – not aesthetics.

plus size workout tips

#6 Plus Size Workout Tip: Unfollow & Follow on Social Media

For the next plus size workout tip, I want to talk about how mental health impact the relationship one has with one’s body!

As you begin to stretch and sweat in your glorious body, it’s important to curate your social media following.

I recommend that you:

  • Unfollow people who make you feel bad about your body. They could be lovely people – buuuuut this is about you! And what makes you feel good!
  • Follow folks on social media who look like you – and who also talk about working out or joyful movement! Check out the hashtags on #PlusSizeWorkout to find folks!

Curate your social media feed thoughtfully! Unfollow and follow!

(I post about my workouts on Instagram, here!)

#7 Plus Size Workout Tip: Neighborhood Walks FTW

I know I mentioned walking above, and I have a separate && additional workout tip here.

Walk around your neighborhood! I walk around my apartment complex. For me, I walk around in regular clothes – and it doesn’t feel like a punishment or a workout. (Not all workouts are a punishment, but I needed to reframe this in my own brain.)

Walk around your neighborhood!

I also meet neighbors doing this, which is a perk! (If you don’t want to talk to your neighbors, have earbuds in and just wave!)

plus size workout tips

#8 Plus Size Workout Tip: Think of 10 Things You Like about Yourself

As you workout, I recommend replacing negative, judgmental or self-deprecating thoughts with authentic things you like about yourself.

When I start my plus size workout, I think of 10 things I like about myself. I’ll keep track by counting using my fingers. Sometimes I think of simple things i’ve accomplished, or big traits!

When I start my plus size workout, I think of 10 things I like about myself!

For example:

  • I am so proud of myself for cleaning the kitchen this morning!
  • I really love how my legs feel when I walk
  • I am really good at talking to new people

These are all positive things about myself, and kind of random! And that’s the point – just count whatever comes to mind!

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