Where to Shop for Plus Size Witchy Clothing | 7+ Brands

plus size witchy clothing

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Hi hello! Today on the blog, I’m going to be diving into one of my favorite topics in plus size fashion: where the HECK to buy plus size witchy clothing. From witchy plus size bohemian clothing to something more goth or pin-up, I’ve put together this guide to help you find plus size witchy dresses and clothing to build a wardrobe you love.

plus size witchy clothing
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Plus Size Witchy Clothing

“Witchy” clothing can mean a variety of things to different people, so I’ve made a point of focusing on BRANDS for this post – not just plus size witchy wardrobe pieces. I freakin’ hate finding a blog post with items I want to buy, and seeing that they’re all out of stock. So, whether you’re more on the goth/punk side of witchy plus size clothing, or you’re looking for full lantern sleeves and and bohemian fashion – I got you!

I’ve also made a point of including sizing information in this blog post, so you an easily figure out which brands will work for you.

Let’s get started!

#1: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Hot Topic

Witchy Clothing from Hot Topic

If you’re on this blog post, I’m betting there’s a SOLID chance that you have perused your fair share of Hot Topic clothing stores in the mall. Something that I’ve realized in the last few years is that Hot Topic has an incredible selection of witchy plus size clothing options – but it’s all ONLINE.

This is kind of annoying, so I recommend ordering online and having items shipped to the store. You can try-on pieces in-store and then easily return what doesn’t work.

Hot Topic has bohemian witchy options, as well as alternative plus size clothing.


  • Up to a 62 inch size bust in plus size section, and a 56 inch waist
  • Up to a 42 inch size bust in girls junior section and a 38 inch waist

Shop plus size witchy looks HERE!

#2: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Fundamental Magick

plus size witchy clothes

Y’all, I freaking LOVE a snarky t-shirt, and when I found this fun witchy brand on etsy, I knew I had to include it on the roundup!

Fundamental Magick is based in Chicago, Illinois, and the brand has some of the most fun plus size witchy leggings, t-shirts and sweatshirts I’ve seen – and a lot of their plus size witchy clothing goes up to a 6X!


  • Up to a 54 inch chest
  • Up to a 52 inch waist
  • Up to a 62 inch hips

From the brand: “Fundamental Magick, LLC was founded by Witch and Sistership Circle facilitator, Beth Wade in 2010, and offers unique, thoughtfully curated, and hand-crafted items such as hand-poured soy blend candles, witchcraft supplies, and enchanting plus size t-shirts and leggings that encourage you to release the Witch within.”

Shop their witchy plus size clothing HERE!

#3: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Boohoo

Next up on this roundup featuring plus size witchy clothing from Boohoo! I’ve found a lot of my plus size readers don’t know about Boohoo!

The brand goes up to a a size 24!

Shop plus size witchy outfits here!

#4: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Killstar

Plus Size Witchy Clothing

I recently found Killstar due to the recommendation from a friend, and holy wow, Batman! This brand has plus size witchy clothing, from witchy dresses to t-shirts to full ensembles in up to a 4X!


  • Up to a 46.5 inch bust
  • Up to a 39.75 inch waist
  • Up to a 49.5 inch hips

From the brand: “We believe that together we can make a difference.  We believe that seemingly small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest steps in our lives. KILLSTAR are devoted to giving back to our communities and to help raise awareness of world issues, old and new.”

They have short figure hugging dresses as well as bohemian dresses that look like Stevie would wear them in AHS Coven.

Shop plus size witchy clothing here!

#5: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Amazon

Plus Size Witchy Clothing

Trying to find plus size clothing with witchy vibes on Amazon can be tough, as there’s a lot of polyester Halloween witch’s costumes on the site! [Like, I love a Halloween costume, but, uh, no, lol.] Poking around, I found this plus size witch dress with a white collar, a la Wednesday Adams or Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

This plus witchy size dress is available in up to a size 26.


  • Up to a 54 inch bust
  • Up to a 46.5 inch waist

Shop this plus size witchy dress here!

#6: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Amazon

I went through and found a few more plus size witch dresses and fat witch outfits from amazon, which I’ve shared below!

#7: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Unique Vintage

Plus Size Witchy Clothing

Are you more looking for plus size witchy clothes with a pinup or 1950s vibe, along the lines of Bewitched?

I freaking love that aesthetic! If this is you, then you’ll definitely want to check out Unique Vintage, a Canadian company that makes vintage inspired clothing – using modern fabrics that have stretch. (No need to to feel constricted by your clothing, am I right?!)


  • Up to a 56 inch bust
  • Up to a 49 inch waist
  • Up to a 60 inch hips

From the brand: “Created by a woman for women, Unique Vintage celebrates the iconic, flirty fashion of the past in modern, ready-to-wear contemporary designs for today. Founded in 2000 by CEO Katie Echeverry, uniquevintage.com was born out of a love for vintage fashion, initially as a weekend hobby. After recognizing that high-quality vintage items were hard to find, Katie took a chance, turned her hobby into a dream job, and began to design and produce her own vintage-inspired dresses for sell on her site.”

Check out plus size witchy options HERE!

#8: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Loud Bodies – Up to a 10X!

Plus Size Witchy Clothing

Loud Bodies is the most size inclusive brand on this list, going up to a 10X! The ethical fashion brand is based in Romania, and they have a stunning assortment of silhouettes, colors and patterns on their website.

I snagged images of their plus size clothing in black, but a lot of their other items could be considered “witchy,” so have fun exploring!

Plus Size Measurements

  • Up to a 79 inch bust
  • Up to a 71.6 inch waist
  • Up to a 79.9 inch hips

From the brand: “LOUDBODIES is a clothing brand founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj, driven by her need to prove that style has no size and to make ethically produced sustainable clothing of all sizes available to people everywhere.”

Shop Loud Bodies HERE!

#9: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Torrid

Torrid can be a hit or a miss when it comes to plus size witchy clothing, and I’ve found that the brand has a lot of witchy dresses and tops in the fall, especially before Halloween!

Torrid has been amping up their “Online Exclusive” offering, meaning a lot of their clothing pieces aren’t available in-store. When ordering from Torrid, I like to use my Torrid credit card and have items shipped to the store. Then I try on pieces in-store, and I return what doesn’t work – and I pay off my credit card balance at the same time! This keeps me from carrying a high balance on my cards while I wait for an order to come in.


  • Up to a 70 inch bust
  • Up to a 64 inch waist
  • Ut to a 76 inch hips

From the brand: “Torrid is the ultimate retail destination for fashion apparel, accessories, swimwear and lingerie specifically made for the young, stylish woman who wears sizes 10 to 30. Our exclusive collections are designed to fit her flawlessly, inspiring her to feel confident and sexy—with no apologies.”

Shop Torrid plus size witchy clothing HERE!

#10: Plus Size Witchy Clothing from Eloquii

plus size witch alternative clothing

I sometimes joke that my aesthetic is “corporate witch,” and recently Eloquii has shared some plus size clothing options that are very inline with my witchy aesthetic.

When looking for plus size witchy clothing on their site, I often search for terms like “faux leather” or “black lace”!


  • Up to a 61 inch bust
  • Up to a 55 inch waist
  • Up to a 64 inch hips

Shop plus size witchy clothing at Eloquii here!

plus size witchy clothing

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