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plus size hippie clothing m top 8 tips

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Hello friends! Today on my blog I’m talking ALLLLLL about plus size hippie clothing, specifically sharing my own personal ideas on where to shop (based on where I shop)!

This blog post is all about plus size hippie clothing.

plus size hippie clothing m top 8 tips

Plus Size Hippie Clothing – My 5 Tips!!

Before I get going on sharing all the best plus sizes hippie clothing brands and my outfit ideas, I wanted to share 5 of my tips on finding plus size hippie clothing — and styling plus size hippie outfits!

My 5 Tips:

  • Tip #1: PAISLEY IS YOUR BFF! When it comes to plus size hippie clothing, paisley print is your BFF! I love paisle print because it can be used for outfits where you don’t feel so boho or hippie, but can definitely be paired with other clothing for a hippie aesthetic!
  • Tip #2: LOOSE FIT IS THE BEST FIT! As a plus size babe, sometimes I feel self-conscious about something that doesn’t hug my curves. Ahem! But, with the plus size hippie aesthetic, clothing will often be more boxy! If you don’t like that, you can always snag a wide light brown belt (flat or woven)!
  • Tip #3: HIPPIE HATS! I think the creme de la creme of plus size hippie fashion is a flat brimmed hat. BUUUUT if you have a big head like me, then finding these hats can be hard — check my roundup here for where to get those hippie hats!
  • Tip #4: Get Your Plus Size Hippie Pants TAILORED! Listen, bestie! I am a child of the 90’s, and I am veryyyyy familiar with having my jeans drag on the ground and get all gross looking (ew). It is absolutely worth it to pay a tailor $20 – $30 to hem your pants! Your outfit will thank you!
  • Tip #5: Steer clear of cultural appropriation. It’s 2023 not 1963 — let’s respect Hinduism! Please and thank you!

Alrighty, let’s get to my list of plus size hippie clothing!

plus size festival outfits
Hey there! My name is Brianne Huntsman, AKA “The Huntswoman”! I’m so excited you stopped by my blog to check out plus size hippie clothing! i’ve shared all of my best tips and outfits in this post, based on my years of experience as a plus size model and blogger!

If you have any questions (have an outfit SOS?) or have ideas on outfits I could add to this post, I love love LOVE hearing from my readers! You can send me an email or DM me on Instagram!

The Huntswoman

#1 Plus Size Hippie Clothing: AVEOLOGY on CoEdition

You know the brand that inspired me to sit down and write this post? It was AVEOLOGY! This plus size hippie clothing brand as so many great plus size hippie pieces, many of them adapted for a more modern take on that 1960’s boho fashion!

AVEOLOGY is available on a few brand websites (they wholesale to other retailers), and from my research and experience, CoEdition has the most AVEOLOGY on their website!

  • Sizing Info: 14 – 32

Shop plus size hippie clothing here!

#2 Plus Size Hippie Clothing: Amazon

I love including Amazon fashion in my blog posts, buuuut I do know that Amazon’s size charts can confuse readers! When it comes to plus size hippie clothing, Amazon carries a bunch of different brands — all with their own size charts. More and more, I’m seeing brands add a size chart image to their product images (often the third or last image, in my experience), which is so helpful!

  • Size Chart Info: Up to 5XL (but measurements for that vary WILDLY, in my experience!!!!)

Shop plus size hippie clothing here!

Hippie Skirts Plus Size
Hippie Skirts Plus Size – This would look so cute with a crop top or graphic tee ft a band popular in the 1960’s!

#3 Hippie Chic Plus Size Clothing: WRAY

So I wouldn’t say that plus size indie brand, WRAY, is strictly a plus size hippie clothing brand. BUT they do have a good number of fun pieces that work within that era! I’ve never personally tried WRAY, but they’re on my list!

  • Sizing Info: up to 6XL

Shop hippie chic plus size clothing here!

#4 Plus Size Hippie Clothing: City Chic USA

Y’all KNOW I am City Chic USA’s #1 fangirl — their clothes really work for my short apple shape! (Truly!) They also have a few plus size hippie clothing options, some of them also from AVEOLOGY. (City Chic acquired CoEdition, so they sometimes crosslist plus size fashion items on both sites)!

  • Sizing Info: 12 – 24

Shop plus size hippie clothing here!

#5 Plus Size Hippie Clothing: Bloomchic

I’ve personally never tried Bloomchic, but they’re on my list! (I can’t vouch for them!) A bunch of my fave blogger girlie plus size besties have tried Bloomchic and loved them, tho, so I thought i would helpful to at least get this brand’s plus size hippie outfits on YOUR radar!

  • Sizing Info: 10 – 30

Shop plus size hippie clothing here!

#6 Plus Size Hippie Outfits: Boohoo

GAWD, I *WISH* that Boohoo would hire visibly plus size models for their plus size clothing (hi, I’m available!). I love their plus size hippie clothing, but it is so hard to imagine what it looks like on plus size body!

  • Size Chart Info: Up to a US 24

Shop plus size hippie outfits here!

#7 Plus Size Hippie Clothing: Knox Rose Target

Something I was *NOT* expecting to see was SO MANY plus size hippie clothes at Target. Their online offering is WAY more robust than the in-store selection (well, at least my local store in West Jordan, Utah, and Salt Lake City!) Specifically, the Knox Rose line at Target has a TON of comfy and cute plus size hippie outfits, but the brand doesn’t focus on the hippie aesthetic 100%. I’ve linked to them below because they’ve got SO MUCH goshdarned good plus size hippie outfits, tho!

  • Sizing: Up to 4XL

Shop plus size hippie clothing here!

#8 Plus Size Hippie Clothing: Unique Vintage

Finally, you KNOW I had to include one of my fave brands, Unique Vintage! This brand is actually based in Canada (how cool is that?!?!), and they make modern versions of plus size (and straight size!) vintage clothing. I love that, because back in the day, stretch fabrics or other modern fabric blends were NOT used — and I do like my clothing to have a little stretch!

  • Sizing: Up to a 4X, with some pieces going up to a 3X or 5X! Use the filter on their site to see styles in your size!

Shop plus size hippie clothing here!

This blog post was all about plus size hippie clothing.

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