Checking OUT – 5 TV Shows I Love to Stream During Self-Quarantine


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It’s an interesting time over here in Brianne Land. I’m a MEGA extrovert, and self-quarantine is ACTUALLY the WORST.

Social media isn’t really working for me, because 97% of it is doom and gloom, and the other 3% is memes. So even SOCIALIZING on the INTERNET is hard.

TFW you realize you can’t socialize on social media

I get wanting everyone to be in-the-know, but I wish there was a special place for over-stimulated and people who know TOO MUCH to go. A sort of check-out (or hotel check-in?), for those of us who are regularly getting into fights with family members who don’t really watch the news, who are sewing masks, etc.

That place does exist!!! It’s called:


Another name could be:


And, a final option,


Below, I’ve put together a list of shows that I love. These are “check out and be done with the world” kind of shows. All have some sort o feminist angle or interpretation (I like what I like!), and I think they’ll also help to expand your mind a little bit.

Some are witty and deserving of a film ~analysis~ and others are like cotton candy for your brain.

Let’s go.

TV Show to Stream #1: Great British Bakeoff

Okay, you may think I have only watched this show because I have a massive crush on one of the original hosts, Sue Perkins.

You’re not NOT wrong.

TV Show to Stream  #1:  Great British Bakeoff

That said, this show has something an American reality show could probably never accomplish – genuine love and goodwill BETWEEN contestants.

As someone who grew up watching The Hunger Gamers, er, I mean Survivor, er, I mean, The Amazing Race – seeing a show full of lovely people doing their darnedest to make beautiful pastries – and cheer each other on – is just so lovely.

I don’t even LIKE to bake (or cook), and I love this show!

TV Show to Stream  #1:  Great British Bakeoff

TV Show to Stream #2: Sabrina

Yes, the world is on fire, BUT Aunt Zelda in Sabrina GIVES ME LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE. The outfits! The haughtiness!! The SCORN.


You’ll feel a lot better about your part in battling a pandemic when you watch Sabrina try to outwit ACTUAL SATAN.

TV Show to Stream  #2:  Sabrina

Plus, did I mention how EXCELLENT the outfits are?

The magic part of this show is that it is ENGROSSING, and it’s so different from our current situation that it’s an excellent mental vacation.

TV Show to Stream  #2:  Sabrina

TV Show to Stream #3: Schitt’s Creek

IF, FOR WHATEVER REASON, you have been holding off on starting this show – well, I’m frankly very jealous. I’d love to be able to watch this for the first time again.

It has an endearing cast, a storyline written ***BY*** LGBTQ+ people that tells LGBTQ+ stories in a beautiful way, and it’s just so dang quotable. The basic storyline is that a family is rich, gets screwed over by their accountant and then has to move to BFE with no money to live in a motel.

TV Show to Stream  #3:  Schitt's Creek

It’s one of those shows where the writers make you fall in love with people who very easily could’ve been the villains in another script.


TV Show to Stream  #3:  Schitt's Creek

TV Show to Stream #4: Star Trek: Voyager

OKAY BEFORE YOU KEEP ON SCROLLING, I must insist that you watch at least 1 episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

If you weren’t raised by mega-nerds (hi mom! hi dad!), then you may already want to dismiss this TV show.

TV Show to Stream  #4:  Star Trek: Voyager

Here’s the thing. Star Trek has inspired countless innovations and inventions we currently enjoy, and it is ALSO one of the only sci-fi shows that offers a POSITIVE angle on what the future could hold. Instead of a apocalyptic world with sad people bludgeoning each other to stay alive, Star Trek offers a version of the future that includes respect for other cultures, women in leadership roles – and a “fast forward” on what UBI (Universal Basic Income) could look like.

Do yourself a favor, and give it a go with no pre-conceived notions.

TV Show to Stream  #4:  Star Trek: Voyager

TV Show to Stream #5: Blown Away

What do you know about glass blowing? I knew a little bit, thanks to my background in design. So when I saw a show pop up on my Netflix a few months ago, I went for it.

This show is a competition between professional artisans who are glass blowers. The combination of creative thinking, artistic vision and competition makes it a blast to watch.

This show has a similar vibe to GBB (#1 on this list), with a bit more competition. There’s also an element of feminist storytelling and perspective, which I really enjoyed.

What are your faves?

One of my goals is to watch NEW tv shows, so I’ve queed up POSE and SENSE8. I’d love for you to send me some recs via Instagram DM or Twitter!

TV Show to Stream

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