Rage Room Party || 7+ Rage Room Ideas & Tips

Rage Room Party

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A few weeks ago, I attended my first Rage Room party! My besties and I went to a Rage Room in Salt Lake City to celebrate my friend Logan’s birthday.

We had a blast at the Rage Room, and we’d been talking about visiting one for years!

Rage Room Party

When it came to preparing for the Rage Room, we didn’t know exactly how to plan a rage room party.  So, today in this blog post, I’m going to share the 7+ rage room tips I wish i had known before going to a Rage Room party!

Before we get started, a disclaimer:  Smashing stuff is dangerous!!  This blog post is not a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about a Rage Room!

People professionally train in demolition in construction and other industries!!!  I am not a DIY goddess, and I went to the Rage Room knowing I was taking risks with my physical body.

This blog post is written from my experience, and I’ve noted things I wish I had known when going to a rage room.  I’m not endorsing trying any of this at home or going to a Rage Room! Buyer beware!

Rage room Party

Rage Room Party Tip #1:  “Is a Rage Room DIY a better option?”

After telling people about going to a Rage Room, a bunch of folks asked if we had DIY’d a Rage Room.

TBQH, this crossed my mind – but I didn’t want to deal with finding a space where we could demolish items (don’t want to break a window or damage someone’s garage), aaaand a Rage Room takes care of disposing of smashed items. 

All in all, I’m glad we went to a local business that operates a Rage Room.

Rage Room Party

Rage Room Party Tip #2: Read the safety release

When we went to the Rage Room in Salt Lake City, we had a lengthy release to read through and sign.

I read every word – 3 times!  It’s important to know what I’m signing.

A Rage Room is not a safe activity, and injuries do happen – both temporary and permanent. The release as super long, and it listed out potential injuries and even being unalived!

Going to a Rage Room party reminds me of sky diving.  Going to a Rage Room can be an exhilarating experience – but you can seriously injure yourself!!! 

Rage Room Party Tip #3:  How expensive is a Rage Room?

I couldn’t find info on this online, and I wish I had called ahead to figure out costs.  Going to a Rage Room can be expensive, turns out!

Going to a Rage Room can be expensive, turns out!

The Rage Room we went to in Salt Lake City was $25 to reserve the Rage Room space for about a half an hour.  

That seems like a short time period, but wielding a sledge hammer can quickly tire you!

The biggest expense was buying items to demolish during the Rage Room party.  The Rage Room we went to charges $2 per pound of stuff, which doesn’t sound like that much….

Until you realize that most items weigh a LOT!  Buying an old vacuum was around $25!

The Rage Room also didn’t have a great selection, and it was a challenge to choose from the items available.

All in all, we spent a total of $200 buying stuff to demolish, which was a few large items per person (about $20 of that was a tip).

So, a key rage room tip I wish I had known is to bring items to demolish.  We could’ve saved a ton of money stopping by a thrift store for 20 minutes before going to the Rage Room.

Rage Room Party

Rage Room Party Tip #4:  Rage Room Outfit

When planning the Rage Room party, this is what we arrived in (safety gear in next section):

  • Bandanas over our hair to keep glass from flying into it
  • Long sleeve shirts with collars
  • Long pants 
  • Steel toed shoes (woo hiking boots and combat boots)
  • Masks for face  (germ precaution)

You’re gonna sweat a LOT, and I wish we had brought water bottles! 

Rage Room Party Tip #5:  Rage Room Safety Gear

Rage Room Party
We wore the orange helmets in the back of this photo, as they had ear protection!

Okay, real talk, when we got to the Rage Room in Salt Lake City, we realized we probably should’ve just brought our own safety gear.

Helmets: The Rage Room had helmets, both with visors and no visors, and we wore the helmets with visors.  

Eye protection: I wish we had brought our own high quality safety glasses!!!  

Over Ear Protection: The helmets with visors were super clunky, but they also had ear protection (similar to over ear headphones), which I appreciated!

Hand Protection: In addition, I wish we had brought our own sturdy work gloves.  The Rage Room had a box of gloves for us to pick from, and the gloves were, well, disgusting.  The gloves were superrrr grimy on the inside. It was supes gross. Ick.

I was stoked that the Rage Room had Lysol sanitization spray for products. So, kudos there! 

We probably should’ve just brought our own safety gear.

Rage Room Party Tip #5:  Choosing Objects with Best “Smashable Quality”

When planning the Rage Room party, we all had dreams of smashing items and having fun.

And, while we had a blast, we quickly learned that some items are just, well, more “smashable.”

Something we realized rather quickly is that super dense objects are not super satisfying to smash.

More dense objects, like a Keurig I snagged, were super hard to smash and honestly not very fun.

The next time I go to a Rage Room, I’m going to prioritize snagging speakers, kettles, toasters and objects that have an outer shell – with a lot of space inside.

Those are easier and more fun to smash!

I wish we had brought our own items to smash!

Rage Room Party Tip #6:  Sledgehammers are HEAVY

Okay, so something I wasn’t prepared for is how freaking heavy a sledgehammer is!  It was hard work to swing one over my head and bring it down.

Eventually, I switched to a hammer, lol.

The Rage Room in Salt Lake City has a “Glass Room” to break glass, and I wish I had known to bring glass for that area! I think that would be super satisfying – and easier than a hammer!

Rage Room Party

Rage Room Tip #7:  Bring Markers or Pens

The Rage Room we went to had sharpies to write on the walls, which was fun.

I wish we had thought to bring sharpies or even paint to write specific words/problems on items before smashing.  That would’ve added an extra element of “DIY Art Therapy” lol.

I’m planning on doing a “Rage Room Photoshoot” where I think I’ll definitely do that!

Rage Room Tip #8:  One person smashes at a time!

The Rage Room in Salt Lake City had a block in the middle of the room to use to place items. Because the block was small, our group went one at a time.

We made sure to sweep often, as it’s easy to slip on broken pieces!!

We all kept our helmets and safety gear on the entire time, even if we weren’t smashing things.

Rage Room Party

Did a Rage Room Provide Stress Relief?

While I had a total blast with my besties at our Rage Room party, I didn’t find the activity to be super stress relieving.

The music was loud and made it hard to hear each other when we paused, and the items we picked weren’t super “smashable.” It was also hard to keep our safety gear situated, as the visors on the helmets were a pain.

All in all, I think the Rage Room party would’ve been a stress reliever if we had:

  • Brought our own items to smash
  • Painted/wrote on said items
  • Brought our own safety gear
  • Asked for no music or control of music via remote, so we could more easily pause it

I’m def gonna give the glass room a go, and I’ll report back when I do!

Rage Room Party

I learned a lot from going to a business Rage Room, aaaand I’ll probably stick with going to an official place to smash things.

If I bring my own items + safety gear, it’s worth the $25 to not have to dispose of items!

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