Where to Shop for Plus Size Men’s Swimwear | 23+ Big & Tall Swim Trunks for 2023

plus size men's swimwear guide for 2022 and 2023

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Hey bestie! If you’ve landed on this post, then you’re looking for info on where to shop for plus size men’s swimwear! We all love to frolic at the pool and on the beach, and we need swimsuits to do it!

Finding big & tall swim trunks and swimsuits can be a bit challenging, so I put this post together with info on where to shop!

This blog post is all about plus size men’s swimwear.

plus size men's swimwear guide
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Plus Size Men’s Swimwear

When shopping for plus size men’s swimwear, almost all options are online. I know this is super frustrating (as a plus size woman, I get frustrated by this).

SO, here’s some advice on how to order and try-on plus size men’s swimsuits:

  • Get a measuring tape to take your measurements! Sizes are NOT the same across brands (or even within brands). When buying plus size men’s swimwear, you want to be sure to take your measurements and then match them to the size chart!
  • Read the reviews!! Not all big and tall swim trunks will have reviews, but you want to be sure to check for them! Reviews with photos can be super helpful, giving you an idea of how the swim trunks may fit on YOU!
  • Prepare for returns! It can be demoralizing to order one thing and have it not fit, so my recommendation is to order a few styles in a few different sizes, so you have a clear idea on what works for you. Once you have that info, it isn’t a bad idea to buy multiple of the same swimsuits you like (you can do different colors and patterns, of course!) Doing this will save you time in the future, as you won’t have to deal with a bunch of returns every swim season or summer!

Alrighty, now that I’ve shared my tips on shopping for men’s big and tall swim trunks, let’s get into the roundup!

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Hi there, I’m Brianne Huntsman AKA “The Huntswoman”! I hope that my blog post guide on where to shop for big and tall swim trunks is helpful for you tody! If you have questions or a brand to recommend, always feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or an email, here!

The Huntswoman

#1 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: Big & Tall Swim Trunks from DXL

First up on my guide to plus size men’s swimwear, you KNOW we have to start with one of my plus size men’s brands: DXL!

This company has been around for YEARS, and has some of the best selection for plus size men’s and big and tall clothing. They have their own in-house brands, as well as carrying brands like Ralph Lauren, Columbia, Lacoste, Levi’s, etc.

DXL also has plus size men’s swim trunks in a variety of lengths and colors! The online offering is pretty impressive! If you’re looking for compression swim trunks, I couldn’t find any at DXL (which was surprising!). I encourage you to search the site yourself just in case they’re out of stock. If they are, head to #5 on the list!

  • Size Info: Most big and tall swim trunks go up to a size 6XL, with some going up to an 8XL

Shop plus size men’s swimwear here!

#2 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: Nike

Are you looking for plus size men’s swim trunks from Nike?! I hear you! After doing a bit of research, I found big and tall Nike men’s swim trunks at Kohl’s!

There weren’t a TON of options when I was looking online, but also, to be fair, I am writing this during the winter (gotta help my winter resort-goers out!)! I think that Nike has some cool plus size men’s swimsuits, with great colors and interesting designs.

  • Size Info: Up to a 4XB or 57″ waist (based on the website’s size chart at time of publishing!)

Get plus size men’s swimwear here!

#3 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: ASOS

As I near the end of my guide to plus size men’s swimwear, I wanted to be sure to include ASOS. This UK-based company is very popular, and has some trendy options for big and tall swimwear. The brand also sometimes has matching his/her swimsuits, which I think is super fun!

When shopping on ASOS, I love to use their filters at the top of the screen. They have SO many options (which I love), but it can be overwhelming sometimes! I like to narrow by my size, as well as by color if relevant!

I also LOVE that ASOS uses visibly plus size male models in their plus campaigns! <333

  • Size Info: Up to a 5XL or W44

See more details of their plus size men’s swimwear here!

#4 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: Amazon

There are a TON of brands that sell plus size men’s swimwear on Amazon, and it’s important to note that almost every size chart for each swimsuit WILL be different. (Brands that sell on Amazon share or upload their own size chart, typically).

Because there are SO MANY rad options on Amazon, I def recommend using the filters on the size to narrow the search results by your size, preferred brands — and even the color of plus size swimsuit you’d like! when shopping on Amazon, I like to narrow my search by “Amazon Prime” (there’s a little toggle button you can click by the search box), so I can see what items can be delivered quickly using my Amazon Prime membership! I love my Amazon Prime membership — it makes my life SO much easier!!

I had a little bit TOO MUCH FUN finding big and tall swim trunks on Amazon. I’m OBSESSED with how fun many of the patterns are on the swim trunks below, but never fear! Amazon has a ton of options, including an impressive selection of plus size men’s sim trunks with more lowkey prints and solid colors. 😉

  • Size Info: Up to a 6XL or 56 inch waist

Get plus size men’s swimwear here!

#5 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: King Size Direct

King Size Direct is one of the largest providers of plus size men’s clothing, and they’re one of the OG brands that offered big and tall men’s clothing before other fashion brands got on board. They’re also one of the most size-inclusive brands on my guide today! If you’re looking for a tried and true plus size swimwear brand, where the swim trunks are longer, this is a great brand to check out!

ALSO, if you’re looking for big and tall swim trunks with a compression liner, it looks like King Size Direct is the place to shop! (From my online research using handy dandy Google!)

You can shop King Size Direct on their website, here, or you can order big and tall swim trunks from them on Amazon here! At time of publishing, there looked like different options on each site, so you may want to check both, FYI!

  • Size Info: Up to a 9X

#6 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: NAUTICA

NAUTICA is a classic brand that resurged in popularity in the last few years (at least, in my opinion). I was stoked to see that they have both plus size men’s swimsuits and big and tall men’s swim trunks in a variety of styles!

Their swimsuits are SUPER on trend, and I’m such a fan! This is a great brand for the plus size guy that loves style and looking sharp, who also loves a 1980’s or 1990’s reference! If I was a plus size guy headed to Ibiza or hanging out on a yacht in Europe, I’d get my big and tall swim trunks from Nautica FOR SURESIES!

  • Size Info: 6XL in plus size men’s and 5XLT for big and tall guys

Snag plus size men’s swimwear here!

#7 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: TomboyX

As a queer lifestyle blogger, I try to include LGBT-owned brands in my roundups, so I’m stoked to be able to include TomboyX in this roundup! Tomboyx has your regular fun plus size swim trunks , and they also have rad button down tees and swim shirts as well!

They also have pretty rad unisuits (far left picture)! They’re kind of like wetsuits, only they’re not made for scuba diving (well, as I understand it they’re not meant for that!).

Please note that TomboyX swimsuits are for all genders, so you’ll see diverse models represented in their campaign and product photos!

  • Size Info: 6X (some items, like the button down shirt on the far left, stop at a 4X)

Shop plus size men’s swimwear here!

#8 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: Goodfellow & Co at Target

Next up on my list of where to shop for plus size men’s swimwear, we have Target! Shopping for swimwear is pretty seasonable (I’m writing this post in late-November, lols), so if you want the best array of options, I def recommend shopping online!

Goodfellow & Co is Target’s in-house brand for big and tall men and plus size guys! They have a few lengths of big and tall swim trunks at Target, including some more hipster-like patterns and colors. Love it! Swimsuits should be FUN, in my opinion! They also have “hybrid” swim shorts (see the middle photo below), that look like regular shorts that can ALSO be worn in the water. How cool is that?!

  • Size Info: Most plus size men’s swimwear goes up to a 5X, and some go by waist sizes, going up to a 60″.

See more details of their plus size men’s swimwear here!

#9 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: JCPenney

Next up, we have a classic brand that carries plus size men’s swimwear — JCPenney! This store is a staple in many a plus size guy’s wardrobe, for sure! JCPenney has more traditional big and tall men’s swim trunks, with a whole lotta BLUE available. Think “Dad Swimsuits,” but I mean that in the BEST way. (Hey, “Dad Bod” and “Dad outfits” are whole media/fashion categories!)

While researching this post, I was also stoked to see that JCPenney has men’s rashguard shirts! Love it! Those types of swim shirts are super helpful when on vacation, especially if they have UV protection. (Not all do, so be sure to read the product description on the website!)

  • Size Info: Up to a 6XL and 5XLT

Snag plus size men’s swimwear here!

#10 Plus Size Men’s Swimwear: Boohoo Men’s

Boohoo is a pretty popular street fashion brand, and they’re a go-to for many a guy who likes to be on trend. At time of publishing, they didn’t have a WHOLE LOT of options, but I’m sure that’s because of the time of the year I’m publishing this post.

Their plus size men’s swim trunks seem to be a bit shorter than other brands, which is a very ontrend look for 2022 and 2023!

  • Size Info: Up to a 5XL

See more details of their plus size men’s swimwear here!

This blog post was all about plus size men’s swimwear.

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