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Hello hi! Today on my blog, I’m sharing 12 faux Zebra hide rugs for your first apartment! This blog post is basically a bunch of research I did on first apartment decor for my new apartment. (Okay, it’s not NEW, I’ve been here for a year – but I’m still decorating, lol). I had a hard time finding a faux zebra rug for my apartment, because it felt like a million companies were selling the same mass produced rug.

This post is about faux zebra rugs.

Faux Zebra Rugs

SOOOO I did research and you can see which rug I bought (#2 on the list), as well as some thoughts on each of these faux zebra rugs. I also included the SIZES of each rug, so you can figure out how big of a rug you need.

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Hi, I’m Brianne (she/her) AKA “The Huntswoman”! In this blog post, I’ve shared a bunch of research I did for my own maximalist apartment on faux zebra rugs. I hope my research helps you more easily find a super fun faux zebra rug! <3

#1 Faux Zebra Rug – Dyed Cow Hide (Not a fan!)

Ok, so most faux zebra rugs I found were dyed cow hide. Now, I’m not a vegetarian, and I eat beef — so a cow hide was an option for me. And there are a TON of companies that dye cow hides to look like zebra hides.

The problem is the SMELL that cow hides can give off. In the various reviews I looked at for different faux zebra rugs, some reviews said the cow hides are STINKY AF — and others said there was no issue. Additionally, cow hide is a bit more coarse and doesn’t feel great on bare feet. All in all, I’d skip the cow hide — but if you like the aesthetic, here’s one of the best ones I found!

  • Size: 84″L x 72″W inches or 7’x6′ Feet

Get this faux zebra rug here!

Faux Zebra Rug

#2 Faux Zebra Rug – Faux Hide Washable Rug from Rugs USA (I bought this one!!!)

Ok, so this is the faux zebra rug I ended up going with. I wanted to find a zebra rug that’s washable and *looks* like a hide (for that maximalist aesthetic from my Pinterest board and apartment moodboards!). I found this bad boy on Rugs USA and bought it during a Memorial Day sale, and I honestly love it. It’s so fun! I’ve shared product photos below, as well as some photos from my apartment (decor in progress).

From the brand: ” Made from sustainably-sourced premium synthetic fibers, our machine-washable rugs help you feel good with every step. Spill- and stain-resistant, these rugs are perfect for those with kids and pets and will hold up in high traffic areas of your home.”

  • Size: 5′ feet x 6′ feet 7″ inches

I really appreciate all the helpful info Rugs USA has on their website about washing rugs and care. So many other companies I found for this list really don’t have a lot of info — just the product to buy!

I’ll be doing a dedicated review for my faux zebra rug from Rugs USA in a bit, to talk about wear and tear — and how it does after being washed!!

Get my faux zebra rug here.

Faux Zebra Rug
Faux Zebra Rug
Faux Zebra Rug

#3 Faux Zebra Rug – Maximalist Apartment Decor

Ok, next up we have a faux zebra rug that has a bit of a mane, which feels a little ick to me (you can see it in some of the product pictures)…. but you may love!!! The brand, JINCHAN, describes this rug as more of a “mat” than rug.

From the brand: “Dust and dirt on surface can be removed easily. Please try to hand wash or wipe clean with a cloth. Warning: Do not wash it by machine.”

  • Size: 5×7 feet

Get this faux zebra hide rug here.

Faux Zebra Rug

#4 Faux Hide Zebra Rug – Tufted Rug

Next up, we’re going for a more cozy rug! The previous rugs shared definitely have a “hide” look and feel to them, so I wanted to include this rug from Wayfair that’s soft and fun to squish your toes in. This feels like a rug that would be great for a cozier room that doesn’t get as much traffic as a living room.

From the brand: “Inspired by the Scalamandré wallpaper featured in a number of Wes Anderson films (and the Novogratz’s home). Try layering one on top of a flat weave. Take a walk on the wild side with their updated collection of faux fur zebra rugs.”

  • Size: Multiple Sizes

From reading over the product care listed by Wayfair, this apartment rug is not washable in your home machine and needs a professional to clean it!

Get this faux zebra rug here.

Faux Zebra Rug

#5 Faux Zebra Rug – Faux Hide Rug

Ok, so this is another faux zebra rug that looks more like a hide. It has more white around the edges, differentiating it from the other rugs we’ve seen! I included it in this list because it looks aesthetically different than the other rugs shown!

From the brand: “

A large rug that fills most of the floor space is ideal. You can place the rug underneath the night stands or let the rug extend a bit past the foot of the bed. The most important thing to consider is having a comfortable landing for your feet when climbing in and out of bed. Another economical solution is to add two runners on either side of the bed.”

  • Size:  5’3″ X 7’10”

This maximalist rug is not home machine washable and requires a professional.

Get this faux zebra hide rug here.

Faux Zebra Rug

#6 Faux Zebra Rug – Cushy Fun Cartoon Rug

Sometimes you want a faux zebra rug, but you want to be 110% sure no one thinks it’s actual zebra. This is where this rug comes in!

From the maker: “Faux cowhide carpet, upgraded according to customer requirements, with fine ruffles and non-slip design, more comfortable and durable. Zebra print carpeted interiors make your expensive furniture and sofas stand out.”

  • Size: 4.6ft x 5.2ft

Professional cleaning is recommended for this fun apartment rug.

Shop this faux zebra hide rug here!

Faux Zebra Rug

#7 Faux Zebra Rug – Pink Zebra Rug

I was veryyy tempted by this faux zebra rug in pink, but I ended up going with black and white. This rug is so fun and would look great in a variety of spaces! I

From the brand: “Soft to the touch: The bold striped pattern and plush fibers feel softer than hair-on-hide leather. The soft polyester pile creates that cozy feel that looks wonderful in any room or beneath any coffee table.”

  • Size: 3 Sizes

Professional care is recommended for this fun maximalist rug!

Shop this faux zebra hide rug here.

Faux Zebra Rug

#8 Faux Zebra Rug – Printed Cow Hide Rug from Brazil

Brazil is famous for their cattle farming, and this cow hide is printed with a zebra design.

From the brand: “Beautiful zebra print cowhide rug with off-white background and black stripes. Only the finest A-grade Brazilian cowhide rug is selected and then printed with this realistic zebra pattern.”

  • Size: 6′ x 6′ feet

Professional cleaning recommended for this apartment rug!

Shop this faux zebra hide rug here.

Faux Zebra Rug

#9 Faux Zebra Rug – Grey Zebra Hide Rug

For folks who don’t want as loud of a faux zebra rug, we have this faux zebra rug from nuLOOM on Overstock!

From the brand: “Add a modern and glam ambiance to your favorite room with this timeless Safari print rug from nuLOOM. Designed to mimic the look and feel of cowhide, this machine-woven rug is crafted from acrylic and polyester for contemporary style.”

  • Size: 5′ x 6′,7″

This fun faux zebra rug also comes in pink, and professional care is recommended for washing!

Get this faux zebra rug here!

Faux Zebra Rug

#10 Faux Zebra Rug – Pink Faux Zebra Hide Rug

From the brand: “This faux zebra hide is bound to make a statement in any room. Made from synthetic materials you get the look and feel of an authentic animal product without any guilt.”

  • Size:79 inches (L), 60 inches (W) or ~6.5 feet by 5 feet

I love this glam zebra print rug, and professional washing is recommended

Checkout this faux zebra rug here!

Faux Zebra Rug

#11 Faux Zebra Rug – Cow Hide Zebra Rug

This is a dyed cow hide rug that has been made to look like a zebra hide. The print pattern is a bit different from the others show, so I included it in my roundup to make it easier for you to see different options!

  • Size: 7 x 7 feet

Like the other printed and dyed cow hides, professional care is recommended for this faux zebra rug, my friend! <3

Shop this faux zebra hide rug here!

Faux Zebra Rug

#12 Faux Zebra Hide Rug – Blue Zebra Rug

Last but not least, I had to include this faux zebra rug that’s BLUE! It’s sold out on several sites, so you may have to do a bit of research to find this one!

From the maker: “CRUELTY FREE: Synthetic threads allow for a shaggy and chic rug texture that is cruelty free. HIGH PROFILE PILE: 1″ high pile has a shag like feel.”

  • Size: 3’6″ x 5’6″

Check out all the details on this faux zebra print rug here!

Faux Zebra Rug

This post was about faux zebra rugs.

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