Plus Size Couples Costumes for Halloween || 19 of My *BEST* Plus Size Couple Costume Ideas!


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Today on the blog, I wanted to share a BUNCH of plus size coupe costumes for Halloween. I’m such a fan of Halloween, and I’ve written a ton of blog posts about it — as well as doing various fun Halloween photoshoots.

Plus Size Couples Costumes for Halloween

In today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing plus size couples costumes for Halloween! These Halloween couples costumes ideas could also be used for plus size GROUP Halloween costumes!! (I recognize that some peeps are “straight size,” but I’m writing this post as if EVERYONE is plus.)

In this post, I’ve shared ideas for couples of all genders. However, the images may be more branded for peeps who are straight! While I’m pretty rad, I unfortunately do not have the bandwidth and budget to shoot a variety of couples costumes myself!

Alright, let’s get to it!

Note: Many costumes are not shown on plus size models, but are available in plus size!

halloween plus size couples costume ideas

#1 Plus Size Couple Costumes for Halloween: Lydia Deetz & Beetlejuice

This is an ICONIC Halloween costume individually, but together?! SO GOOD! Below, I’ve shared links to the costumes and info on sizing!

If you prefer more of a women’s silhouette for your Beetlejuice, Torrid has a striped suit available in up to a 6X here!

Shop plus size Beetlejuice couple costumes here!

#2 Plus Size Couple Costumes for Halloween: Jurassic Park

Ok, when I saw this velociraptor costume, I CACKLED! We love a Laura Dern and/or Jeff Goldblum moment! While I wasn’t able to find a plus size Laura Dern costume, you can pretty easily DIY it!

If you’re not feeling the DIY aspect of Laura Dern, you can also snag this plus size paleontologist costume here!

Shop plus size dinosaur costumes here!

Be sure to use your measurements (with a measuring tape) when looking at the size chart!

#3 Plus Size Couple Costumes for Halloween: Ms. Frizzle & Liz (The Lizard)

This next plus size Halloween costume for couples is a bit of a throwback! Featuring Ms. Frizzle and Liz, the LIzard, this is a humorous and fun costume that I think will be a hit!

#4 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Plus Size Belle and Beast

You know I have to include those Disney costumes! This is a super fun plus size couples costume idea, and there are MULTIPLE Belle and Beast options!

This is also a stellar plus size group costume! I found costumes for Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth as well!

Shop plus size Beauty & The Beast costumes here!

#5 Plus Size Couple Costumes for Halloween: Martha May & The Grinch

Listen, in this house we LOVE Christine Baranski! This is a fun costume for Halloween and a party at Christmas, if you’re into that.

There’s no plus size Martha May costume, but we can make do with a little Ms. Claus number!

Shop more options for plus size Grinch and Martha May costumes here!

#6 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Cereal Mascots

Another fun and comedic plus size couple costume for Halloween are these super fun cereal mascots. These Halloween costume companies are getting so creative!

#7 Plus Size Couple Halloween Costumes: Cupid & Psyche

This one goes out to my fellow nerds who were SUPER into Greek Mythology in 5h grade. The cupid costume is a bit tongue in cheek, but I think it’s necessary for people to get what your costume is! ARe these costumes historically accurate? Absolutely not! But who cares?! Halloween is about having fun!

#8 Plus Size Couple Costumes for Halloween: Bee & Flower Costume

If you’re more of a fun comedic couple, you may like this plus size couple costume idea! Featuring a cute little bee and a flower, you can make “birds and the bees” jokes all night long!

#9 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Dorothy & The Cowardly Lion

Okay, my next idea is a fun plus size couple costume for Halloween — or a great group costume for Halloween!

There are also oodles of costumes for the Scarecrow, Tin Man, etc. You can decide to be whatever you want with this fun plus size Halloween couples costume!! <3

Shop all plus size Wizard of Oz costumes here!

#10 Plus Size Couple Halloween Costumes: League of Their Own

Honestly, I’m kind of bummed I am SO FREAKING SINGLE, because this plus size couples costume for ladies (or anyone who wants to wear it) is such a good LGBT couples Halloween costume — especially with the hit TV show, A League of Their Own, going.

If you’re not into dresses, you can snag this men’s baseball costume HERE!

Shop all plus size baseball costumes here!

#11 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Cruella de Vil & Puppy

This plus size couples costume is a BIT more tongue in cheek, but I love it! Also a great option for polyamorous folks!

Shop plus size Cruella de Vil costumes here!

#12 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

This is a super fun plus size couple costume for the more mischevious couple – featuring Tinkerbell and Peter Pan!

You could also rally up your other friends (or kids) for group costume featuring the Lost Boys and adding in Captain Hook – maybe even some plus size mermaids! Please no cultural appropriation with this group costume, thank youuuu!

#13 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Velma & Daphne Costume

You may swap out one of these characters for Fred and/or Shaggy, and that’s totally fine! This is a great costume for plus size queer women who want to do a couple costume for Halloween!

#14 Plus Size Couple Costumes: The Mad Hatter & Alice

Ok, so I wrote a WHOLE blog post listing out the various plus size Alice & Wonderland costumes you can snag in 2022! This is an EXCELLENT group costume, as well as a fun plus size couples costume for Halloween!

Shop more plus size Alice & Wonderland costumes here!

#15 Plus Size Couple Halloween Costumes: Angel & Devil on Your Shoulder

This is a classic costume or it can be made a bit more 21st century with references to The Emperor’s New Groove! There are a TON of plus size angel and plus size devil costumes, so I’ve just linked a BUNCH! To be honest, there are wayyy more devilish options!

Each image is clickable, so click to see more details on the costume you like! <3

#16 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Cinderella & Prince Charming

Listen, everyone wants to dress up as royalty at some point! This plus size Halloween couples costume is Disney Classic! I couldn’t decide which Cinderella costume to include, so I added BOTH to the post! (Hey, it’s my blog! I can do what I want!)

#17 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Plus Size Ariel & Sebastian

Ok, yes, you totally could swap out Sebastian for Prince Eric! But, if your partner leans more towars gamer boy than prince charming, he may feel more like himself being a snazzy and sassy crustacean!

#18 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Plus Size Labyrinth Costume with David Bowie & Sarah Williams

Ok, so I found the Jareth costume on a Halloween costume site, and I had a TOUGH time finding a plus size Sarah Williams costume. There are some custom options on etsy, as well as this one I found on Amazon.

Boom! I’m a genius!

#19 Plus Size Couple Costumes: Jessica Rabbit & Roger Rabbit

The classic cartoon couple, Jessica Rabbit and Roger Rabbit! This is one of my favorite tropes in romance books and movies! I couldn’t find an official costume that went up past a 2X for Jessica Rabbit, so I shared a high end option and a more DIY option! <3

Check out more plus size Jessica Rabbit costumes here!

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