Where to Buy Plus Size Bike Shorts – No Chub Rub! | 7 Brands to Shop

Where to buy plus size bike shorts - shopping guide

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It is freakin’ HOT out there, and I am NOT here for it, lol. Chatting with readers over on my Instagram Story and Twitter, I’ve learned that a lot of plus size babes are rocking BIKE SHORTS!

Plus Size Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are fun, because they come in cool fabrics and colors – and they STAY PUT, helping to prevent thigh chafing. Plus, you know, they make your butt look good.

Below, I’ve shared 7 places to shop for plus size bike shorts, and I’ve included info on sizing! When shopping, please be sure to double check the sizing info I have shared with info on the brand website! While I try to keep my blog up-to-date, brands do change their products, ifo and size charts!

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Plus Size Bike Shorts Brand #1: Torrid – Up to a 6X (64″ Waist)

plus size bike shorts

First up on m listicle guide of where to shop for plus size bike shorts, we have Torrid! One of the most inclusive brands out there is Torrid, as they go up to a 6X! Torrid has bike shorts that one would associate with working out, as well as super fun bike shorts (like faux leather bike shorts) you can use in your daily outfits!

  • Sizing: Up to a 6X, which corresponds to a waist measurement of 64 inches.

Some popular plus size bike shorts styles at Torrid:

See all of the plus size bike short options here!

Plus Size Bike Shorts Brand #2: Nike

plus size biking shorts

Next, #2 on this round up is NIKE plus size biking shorts!

NIKE is a popular athletic wear company, and regularly sets the trends!! A few years ago, Nike came out with a pretty robust plus size athletic wear line – I did a partnership with them, here! – and they always have fun prints!

Hot tip: Nike plus size biking shorts are SUPER popular, and they do run out-of-stock! If you see your size, BUY IT!

  • Sizing: Up to a 3X, or size 24/26, which on their chart corresponds to a 53 inch waist

Here are a few of my fave of their current styles:

Shop Nike plus size biking shorts HERE.

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Plus Size Bike Shorts Brand #3:

Another great size inclusive brand for plus size bike shorts is Universal Standard. Now, to be clear, they ahve plus size leggings that are shorts – which I call “bike shorts.” These are probably not the kind of performance athletic wear one would use for like The Tour de France! Most of their shorts come in navy, black and gray.

  • Sizing: Up to a size 40, which corresponds to a 70 inch waist on the US size chart!

Shop plus size athleisure shorts here!

Plus Size Biking Shorts Brand #4: Just My Size on Amazon – Plus Size Bike Shorts

plus size biking shorts
plus size gift idea - top form amazon

I just discovered this plus size biking brand, and I’m pretty stoked about it! They have solid color (black and gray) plus size bike shorts for around $10 per pair! Their size 5X fits a 51 inch waist.

  • Sizing: Up to a 5X (51 Inch Waist)

Try this brand by clicking HERE!

Plus Size Bike Shorts #5: PrettyLittleThing

Plus Size Bike Shorts

Let’s talk about plus size bike shorts from PTL! On their site, they call these “plus size cycling shorts.”

Pretty Little Thing is a popular plus size brand, and The size charts can differ by item, so be sure to check the reviews!

  • Sizing: PTL carries plus size bike shorts in up to a 4X, size 22 or about a 51.2 inch waist.

Shop PTL plus size bike shorts HERE!

Plus Size Biker Shorts Brand #6: Day/Won Clothing

plus size bike shorts

Day One clothing was founded by plus size model, Candice Huffine, and carries sizes 0 to 32! They’re also one of the only companies making ethical and sustainable plus size bike shorts. From their website:

We use recycled materials in our signature looks and manufacture on-demand in upstate New York  to ensure that we do our part to reduce to 26 billion tons of wasted clothing that fills our world’s landfills each year. All of our prints are digitally constructed, never water dyed, to prevent the over-use of precious resources and the polluting of our oceans. 

  • Sizing: Up to a 30/32, which is a 52″ Inch Waist

Shop plus size biker shorts here!

Plus Size Biking Shorts Brand #7: ASOS Plus Size Legging Shorts (Up to a 48″ Waist)

plus size stretch shorts for biking

ASOS Curve is a bit different from other brands, in that they don’t call these type of shorts “biking shorts.” They use terms like “plus size leggings shorts” or “plus size stretch shorts” to describe this style.

But never fear, that’s why I’m here!

  • Sizing: ASOS carries these leggings in up to a size 22/24, or a 50 inch waist. Because ASOS carries different brands, be sure to check the size chart when you order!

Shop plus size short leggings HERE!

Brand #8: Rainbow Shops – Up to a 3X (44 Inch Waist)

Plus Size Bike Shorts

Rainbow Shops has a variety of styles of plus size bike shorts, from tie-dye to an almost jeggings material – as well as bike shorts in solid colors.

Shop a variety of plus size bike shorts styles at Rainbow Shops by clicking HERE!

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