Where to Buy Plus Size Clothing in 6x and 7x | Over 15 Brands Shopping Guide


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We’ve seen a great increase in plus size fashion brands in the last few years, with a number of brands offering pieces in 6X or 7X (beyond a size 30). Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite brands who offer plus size clothing in these sizes.

Because size charts can vary, I note the link to the size chart and the measurements the brand goes up to! Size chart measurements can change from brand-to-brand, so I hope this info helps you!

This blog post is all about where to buy plus size clothing in a 6x and 7x!

[Note: This blog post was originally published on May 12, 2020. It was last updated on February 22, 2023.]

6X and 7X plus size clothing

Where to Buy Plus Size Clothing in 6x and 7x

Reminder: When shopping at the brands below, be sure to look at the size chart for every brand, as measurements will be different!

Also, I did my darnedest to show plus size clothing pieces on plus size models who are a 6X and 7X, but this wasn’t always possible. I hope more brands see the need for representation and models at this size. We have been seeing more model diversity over the last few years, and I hope advocates within brands [and folks outside of them![ continue to advocate for larger plus size models.

OK, let’s get going with the round up!

#1: Amazon Essentials on Amazon: Comfy 6X and 7X Brand

I love love Amazonl!!! This plus size brand has great knit and stretch basics that are perfect for layering, in sizes 6X and 7X! There’s a lot of options in black, as well as olive green and red!

The brand has joggers, scoop neck tops, comfy short summer dresses and hoodies! Check them out here.

The maximum measurements for a size 6X in Amazon Essentials Plus Sizes is:

Bust: 63Waist: 57.8Hips: 69 – 71

Pricing is a range. Pieces start at around $15 USD, and they go up to $60 USD!

Shop Amazon Essential Plus Sizes Here!

Comfy plus size clothing from Amazon in up to a 7X!

#2: Ulla Popken: 6X and 7X Plus Size Clothing

Ulla Popken is a newer plus size fashion brand, offering plus size 6X and 7X clothing for just about any occasion! I am so impressed with their plus size businesswear, bathing suits, t-shirts, workout wear – they have just about everything!

The brand goes up to size 38! To shop their site for specific plus size clothing in a 6X or 7X, I would use the search filters! That way, you can narrow search results to your size!

Shop 6X and 7X plus size clothing HERE!

Bust: 69Waist: 65Hips: 71
6x and 7x plus size clothing
6x and 7x plus size clothing
Matte Jersey Animal Print Open Front Jacket

Up to a size 38!

#3: Universal Standard: Plus Size Workwear in 6X and 7X

Next up on this roundup of plus size clothing in a 6X and 7X, we have Universal Standard! This brand is one of the most (if not THE most) size inclusive brand on the market that doesn’t require custom orders. Universal Standard was founded by plus size women working in finance, who were frustrated at the lack of high quality workwear options.

The brand has had some issues with the plus size community around social media communication, HOWEVER, they are really doing the work and showing up with inclusive sizing and being forward thinkers. The brand also carries PETITES!

You can build a whole entire wardrobe with US, from denim to athleisure to plus size suits! Also, since writing this post two years ago, Universal Standard has *expanded their size chart* by 3-5 inches! That’s so great!

Note: Because Universal Standard is inclusive of sizes 0 to 40, their size chart looks different. The0 define a “4x” as a size 38! All size charts are different, so be sure to look at the measurements on their chart to find your size! This is one of the most inclusive plus size brands on the market!

They go up to a size 40, shop 6X plus size clothing HERE!

Bust: 72-75Waist: 66-70Hips: 76-80
Plus size workwear in a 6X and 7X!
Plus size workwear in a 6X and 7X!
Plus size 6x and 7x comfy dress – this dress comes in about 12 colors!!

#4: Copper Union: 6X & 7X Plus Size Clothing

I love indie brands, and Copper Union is one of my fave! If you’re looking to add color to your wardrobe – and want to support a woman-owned brand that makes clothes in the USA – Copper Union needs to be on your radar!

The site has pieces listed up to a size 30, but the founder, Claire Doody, is absolutely able and excited to make pieces beyond a size 30. (Seriously! I’ve heard the reviews from folks who have done this. Claire is a GEM!)

Shop 6X and 7X clothing here!

Bust: 66-70 ++Waist: 60-62 ++Hips: 72-76 ++
Plus size colorful fun overalls in a 6X
Love these linen overalls!

#5: Smart Glamour – Fun & Bright Plus Size Clothing | Up to a 15X!

SmartGlamour is an affordable, fashionable, and customizable ethical clothing line for people of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages, identities, and styles. They make plus size clothing, straight size clothing, petite clothing, tall clothing, and everything in between and beyond. Every design is available in XXS to 15X and beyond. Every item can be customized to fit any and every body. And everything is made in NYC with love – just for you.

Shop here!

Bust: 86-88Waist: 77-79Hips: 88-90
Plus size clothing made in the USA in a 6X

#6: Woman Within – Up to a 6X! | Comfy and Cute Plus Size Clothing

I hadn’t heard of Woman Within until last year, and the brand is so fun! It’s a great ready-to-wear daywear brand.

Woman Within has just about anything you’re looking for – the problem is that most of their clothing is not shown on plus size models [Ugh!]

  • Plus Size Tops in a 6X and 7X
  • Plus Size Jeans in a 6X
  • Plus Size Swimwear in a 6X and 7X

Shop clothing in a 6X and 7X here on their website or click here to shop their clothing on Amazon (woo free shipping)!

Bust: 73.5Waist: 68-69.5Hips: 75.5-77
Plus size Clothing in up to a size 34!  Shirt dress in gray.
6x and 7x plus size swimsuit
Plus size swimsuit 7x

#7: Catherine’s | Comfy Plus Size Clothing

Catherines is dedicated to providing the best in women’s plus size fashion. Designed specifically for the plus size woman & guaranteed to fit you beautifully.

Shop 6X and 7X clothing here!

Bust: 63Waist: 58Hips: 67
Comfy plus size t-shirt in a 6X

#8: Ashley Stewart | Fashion Forward Clothing in a 6X

Ashley Stewart is a global fashion brand that stands for uncompromising style, fashion, fit & empowerment for the woman who flaunts her curves.

While Ashley Stewart lists going up to a 5X on their size chart, the measurements on the chart match other brands that go up to a 6X and 7X! [So, like other brands on my guide to 6X and 7X clothing, I recommend looking at the measurements – not the label on the tag!]

Shop 6X and 7X plus size clothing here!

Bust: 63.5Waist: 55Hips: 66
High waisted trousers in a 6X!

#9: Lane Bryant | Trendy Plus Size Clothing in Up To a 6X!

Since publishing, Lane Bryant has updated their size chart to include some 6X and 7x options, going up to a size 38/40 in some pieces! Because size 38/40 pieces from Lane Bryant can go FAST, I would snag pieces as you see them! Not all pieces are available in a 6x or 7x, so I recommend using the filter on their site to shop all clothing, then narrow down the options using the filter.

I have linked directly to their size 36 (and 34!) options below! (At time of my update, I couldn’t just link to size 38/40 pieces, weirdly enough!)

Shop 6x and 7x at Lane Bryant here!

Bust: 68Waist: 62Hips: 70.5

#10: On the Plus Size | Professional and Everyday Plus Size Clothing in Up To a 8X!

This is a new-to-me brand, and I was stoked to see that this plus size clothing company goes up to an 8x (including a 6X and 7x). They have a bunch of different clothing options, and many of them are super cute!

Shop plus size 8x clothing here!

Bust: 81Waist: 76Hips: 85

#11: SWAK: Sealed With a Kiss | Trendy Plus Size Clothing in Up To a 6X!

Sealed With a Kiss Designs is a Los Angeles-based company offering trendy, affordable plus size fashion. We believe that fashion should be fun and easily accessible. Plus size clothing shouldn’t cost more simply because it is designed for a size 14-36 figure. We’ve done our job if our customer feels confident in our plus size designs.

Shop here!

Bust: 56Waist: 50Hips: 72
Comfy plus size dress in a 6X

#12: Peridot | On Trend Plus Size Clothing in a 6X and 7X!

Peridot is a rad AF plus size indie brand that started with gorgeous comfy AF robes, and in the last year has also released super cute crop tops and dresses! The owner is fabulous and fun AF as well! The brand makes many of its pieces from fabric remnants — helping to save gorgeous fabric from being sent to a landfill!

Shop plus size clothing in a 6x and 7x here!

Bust: 72Waist: 66Hips: 75

#13: Joolz Fashion | Fun and Bright Plus Size Clothing in a 7X

Next up, we have Joolz Fashion, an Australian based plus size brand known for their fun prints!

From the brand: “Each garment is only produced in limited quantities to ensure a sustainable and exclusive quality. Many Joolz garments are made to order – this is known as “slow fashion” – made-to-order clothing is dedicated to keeping waste low, crafting stylish pieces that fit you and your personal style, so you can invest in pieces that look great and last longer. You’ll waste less and look better in garments that are made for you personally.”

Check out 6X and 7X clothing here!

Bust: 65 1/2Waist: 58 1/2Hips: 68 1/2

#14: Loud Bodies | On Trend Plus Size Clothing in a 6X and 7X!

Next up on our list, we have one of my fave indie plus size brands LOUD BODIES! This Romanian based brand has taken the plus size world by storm, and I did a whole editorial photoshoot in one of their pieces!

The brand is known for it’s stunning silhouettes, on point fashion silhouettes that make a STATEMENT, and sustainable fabrics!

Bust: 79.5Waist: 71.6Hips: 79.9

The brand actually goes up to a 12X, which is pretty rad!

Shop plus size clothing in a 6X and 7X here!

6x and 7x plus size clothing

#15: eShakti | Plus Size Dresses & Jumpsuits in up to a 7X!

We love customization!! eShakti offers gowns and dresses, and you can customize length, sleeves, color, etc! They also have tops and bottoms, as well as sweater knits.

I wish eShakti had more plus size models on their website, here’s to hoping they add more!

Shop eShakti 6X and 7X HERE!

Bust: 66Waist: 59Hips: 69
Customizable up to a size 6X jumpsuit

#16: Plus BKLYN: Plus Size Resale & Vintage in a 6X!

Plus BKLYN is New York City’s premiere plus size boutique selling new, vintage & resale fashions.  We feature bold and trendy downtown styles (and outrageous accessories) for women sizes 14 – 30 (and up!).

If you’re looking for plus size vintage pieces or resale pieces in a 6X or 7X, DM the brand on Instagram! They’ll send what’s in-store, and they ship worldwide!

Shop plus size 6X and 7X clothing here!

Plus size resale clothing in a 6X

#17: Alpine Butterfly Swim – Plus Size Swimwear in a 6X!

Technically, this brand goes up to a 5X, but I regularly see 7X babes rock the pieces!

Built for multiple body types in sizes L-6X, Alpine Butterfly works to truly understand women with carefully positioned bands and underwire while staying sexy and fresh. With an emphasis on branding to attract a playful spirit; Alpine Butterfly is already captivating women around the world and evoking feelings of youthfulness, positivity, and whimsical fantasy.

Shop plus size swimwear in a 6X and 7X here!

Bust: 52-54″Waist: 48-50″ Hips: 58-50″
Plus size black two piece swimsuit in a 6X from Alpine Butterfly Swim
Plus Size 6X Swimwear

#18: Alice Alexander – Sustainable & Ethical Plus Size Fashion | Custom Sizing!

Sustainable, ethical, size-inclusive women’s apparel made in the USA. Plus-size sustainable, ethical clothing for women.

From the brand: “We are a vertically-integrated, direct-to-consumer company, where we design, pattern, cut and sew each item in our collection on a made-to-order basis. In other words, we make the clothes right here in the US and sell them directly to our customers. Working in this manner allows us to create clothing for women of every size and shape, using incredible materials, and working as sustainably as possible. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and ethics here. “

On Sizing: “If folks measurements fall outside our size chart we’re happy to make a garment in their size at no additional cost. To order, simply email us at hello@alicealexander.co with the garment from our website that you are interested in as well as your bust/ chest, waist, hip and height. We’re also able to provide measurement assistance if required.”

Shop here.

Bust: 62Waist: 58Hips: 65
Plus size sustainable fashion in a 6X

This blog post was all about where to buy plus size clothing in a 6x and 7x!

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