Adjusting Yearly Goals – Thanks COVID! | Goal Check – In, As We’re 1/3 Through 2020!


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Well, hello, April!

With everything that’s been happening in the world, I definitely missed my deadline to share a check-in and good hard look at my goals from 2020, and share a recap on how I did on my goals from January 1st.

Things looked a LOT differently in January, let me tell you!

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Goal Blogger: Why I’m Sharing Goals Publicly

One of the hardest parts about being an adult is having discipline and accountability. During one’s education, we have external accountability from teachers and coaches.

Buuuut these structures often fade away when we’re on our own. I work with professional coaches (and work as one!), because having that external accountability is critical.

And, I figure that YOU the reader can also help provide accountability. Aaaaand I hope that sharing my process helps you on your journey, as well!

I Plan 3 Months at a Time

I utilize the process from the book, The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months, to plan my life, planning in greater detail – 12 weeks at a time. This keeps things focused and measurable, and helps me break down big and overarching goals.

The 12 Week Year cover
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In this book, “The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months,” the author makes a pretty compelling argument that setting goals for a YEAR is way too long. It gives us too long to procrastinate, and there will be “dead zones” in the year where we check out.

Structure of This Post – Where We’re Going

Okay, here’s how I’ve organized this long post, so you can get the most out of it:

  1. Shared a recap and accountability of what goals happened, and what didn’t.
  2. Shared my thought process and planning around making goals happen that DIDN’T happen. A global pandemic has made things a bit more difficult, so I hope I share both grace for myself and accountability.
  3. Goals and plans for the next 3 months

Part 1 | Overarching Goals for 2020

Below, I’ve shared a progress report on my top 10 goals for 2020 (originally published here).

Goal #1: Get Testosterone Levels Back within Recommended Range (woo PCOS)

Accomplished! HECK YES!!!! <3

This goal led me down an…. interesting path, as getting my bloodwork back within recommended range required a shift in perspective around my health and eating. Which is an emotionally loaded area for me (and a lot of people)!

I shared more on how I treated my PCOS here!

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Goal #2: Work with 4 1:1 Coaching Clients Weekly

Not accomplished!

Looking back, I should’ve been a lot more specific by what I meant by this. I do a lot of one-off coaching and consulting calls, and I wanted to work with people longterm to help them make their big goals and dreams HAPPEN. Also, I think my schedule will only allow for 2 a week right now.

I am ready to provide that longterm accountability for clients, helping them create a strategy and coaching them through the whole damn thing.

Revised Statement: Work with **2** 1:1 Coaching Clients on a Three-Month Coaching Contract, Meeting Weekly

If you’re curious about working with me, you can book a consult here! I have a lot of experience in helping people plan out and execute on creative projects (or launching their creative business/online presence as an artist), entrepreneurs selling physical products, and people who just want to get shit done already!

Goal #3: Gross $250,000 For My Business

A solid C- on this one…. Maybe a C+? Idk, I don’t want to be too generous.

So, I’ve made more money in 2020 than in 2019 (comparing up to this point). However, I have *not* implemented my online courses or residual money making plans, which are key to hitting this financial goal.


Goal #4: Travel Internationally to Two Countries

WOMP WOMP. Best laid plans and all! *Face palm*

IDK what is going to happen in International travel land, but if borders do open back up (and it’s safe to travel), I really want to visit Greece and another country!!

Goal #5: Move Into an Apartment I’m Stoked About

I have been apartment hunting (shoutout to I think I’m going to sub-let an apartment for the rest of 2020, moving in in August 2020.

This will allow me to get my life sorted and continue my couture fashion training in SLC.

Goal #6: Move Into an Apartment I’m Stoked About

No progress made! One of my goals for May is to *OPEN* an IRA account (maybe through Vanguard)?

Goal #7: Set Up a Dedicated Fashion Studio Space I Have Access to 24/7

Accomplished!! I took over the guest bedroom, and WOW I was so much more productive the last three months!!!

I haven’t quite figured out storage and a systemized situation (fashion requires a LOT of stuff), but I can check this one off!

Goal #8: Work with One Brand Sponsor a Month and Pitch 7 Sponsors

DEFINITE FAIL. I did not prioritize pitching brand sponsors, although I did add “Engage with 10 Dream Brands” on my Streaks Productivity App.

This needs to be put into my schedule, as in I need to assign a weekly day/time to making this happen.

Goal #9: Join the Mediavine Network

Not accomplished, yet!

I have been doing my darndest to continue writing and posting on my blog during the pandemic to boost my traffic. I purchased a course on Facebook Ads for Bloggers from Laptop Empires to help my traffic (shoutout to my friend Miranda Schultz for the rec), and added a Pinterest strategy to my blog this year.

Goal #10: Post 4x a Week to Instagram, 2x a Week to YouTube and 5x a Week to the Blog

FAIL. More on how I’m going to fix/address this in the next section.

Score Card: How’d I Do?

So, a recap:

  1. ACCOMPLISHED: Get testosterone levels back within recommend range (woo PCOS)
  2. NOPERS: Work with 4 1:1 coaching clients weekly
  3. IN PROGRESS: Gross $250,000 for my business
  4. EXEMPTING THIS ONE BC PANDEMIC: Travel internationally to 2 countries
  5. IN PROGRESS: Move into an apartment I am stoked about
  6. NOPERS: Fully fund my IRA for the year
  7. ACCOMPLISHED: Set up a dedicated fashion studio space that I have access to 24/7
  8. NOPERS: Work with 1 brand sponsor per month (Pitch 7 a month)
  9. IN PROGRESS: Get on the Mediavine Network
  10. NOPERS: Post 4 times a week to Instagram, 2 times a week to YouTube and 5 times a week to this here blog





If we’re 1/3 of the way through the year then (ideally) 4 of these goals would be accomplished. I feel positively about 5 of them happening by EOY (end of year), so that’s a good place to be.

Part 2 |Check-In Questions: Overarching Goals for 2020

When a client sets a goal and doesn’t reach it, I ask a series of 3-5 questions:

  1. Is this goal important to you still? Sometimes we set a goal, only to realize a few months later (with further reflection) we don’t actually want it any more! And that’s okay!
  2. Is the issue that you didn’t set a weekly time to make this goal happen? How can you break this goal down into smaller goals to make it happen, and add to your schedule?
  3. Do you have external accountability on this goal? Can you implement a consequence if you don’t act on it? (I like to commit to a fellow #bossbabe that I will pay them $x if I don’t get something done. Really motivates me!)
  4. Do you require additional education or resources in order to tackle this goal? Do you have the knowledge/resources you need to tackle it now?
  5. Are you self-sabotaging?

Updated Plan for Overarching 2020 Goals

Okay, below I’ve shared how I’m either going to keep up with an accomplished goal or a plan to make other goals happen:

Goal #1: (Accomplished) Get Testosterone Levels Back within Recommended Range (woo PCOS)

I will continue taking my medication, working with a dietician and meeting with my doctor every 3 months to monitor this!

Goal #2: Work with Two 1:1 Coaching Clients on a Three-Month Coaching Contract, Meeting Weekly

I honestly think the issue here is that I didn’t promote or talk about this enough.

PLAN: I am adding in my social media calendar to post 1x a week, on each social platform, a client update, success story or a link to a coaching package.

I will also utilize the Dreamers & Doers (biz podcast) method of putting up a poster with the title “NEW RETAINER COACHING CLIENTS” with 4 slots.

Goal #3: Gross $250,000 For My Business

I have been RESISTING putting together my online courses, and I realize (after working with my coach) that I’ve procrastinated out of fear.

I’ve been self-sabotaging.

Mostly, because I’m afraid that the courses WON’T sell. I worry I’ll totally miss my projections and be upset. And then have a “Oh, crap, how am I going to make my goal???” breakdown.

I’m also (real talk) worried that I shouldn’t spend my time on these courses, because I don’t want to teach online courses in the long game. These courses are meant to pay for my fashion dreams, so shouldn’t I focus all my energy on fashion stuff and building that business????

Should I focus on building up blogger revenue?

I know I can hit this income goal, but the HOW is murky. I’m going to journal about this one and reflect on it for the next two weeks, and I’ll share an update here when I’m ready.

Goal #4: (Paused) Travel Internationally to Two Countries

Current climate doesn’t allow for travel, so I’m putting this one on hold! I really hope my passport gets new stamps this year. <3

Goal #5: Move Into an Apartment I’m Stoked About

For this one, I am going to set up 5 apartment tours for the month of May. They’ll probably be virtual.


  • Figure out how I’ll verify income as a self-employed person // how that will impact me
  • Review paperwork and contracts
  • Compare rental insurance companies, researching 5
  • Buy a new headboard and bedding/curtains situation to prep for move in May // pitch 5 home goods companies on doing a bed partnership!

Goal #7: Fully Fund My IRA for the Year

OKAY! So this goal needs to be broken down into sub-goals.

I need to:

  1. Learn about the different kinds of IRAs (are there better IRAs for self-employed people?). | Spend a total of 3 hours researching this
  2. Research 3-5 different companies that offer IRAs | 5 hours
  3. PIck a company and sign up! | 30 minutes

I totally have the capability to do this, I just… haven’t. SO, I need to assign a regular date and time for IRA Research.

I will do this research every Sunday, and I’m going to test different times to see what works. I think this may be a “productive procrastination” task that I do when I don’t want to do a work thing, lol.

Goal #8: Work with One Brand Sponsor a Month and Pitch 7 Sponsors

THIS is a schedle issue. I haven’t put it in my calendar, with a “DO OR DIE” rule.

I’ll be reaching out and pitching every Tuesday from 7-8PM.

Goal #9: Join the Mediavine Network

To make this goal happen, I need to finish the FB Ads course (cough start it cough), as well as increase the # of pins I make a week.

So, that’s a schedule issue!

  • Monday from 3-5 is FB Ads Course
  • 2 Sundays a Month I will Make 50 new pins and upload to Tailwind (2nd and 4th Sundays)

Goal #10: Post 4x a Week to Instagram, 2x a Week to YouTube and 5x a Week to the Blog

This one is a DOOZY.

Let’s break it down by platform:

  • Instagram: New Goal is 3x a Week. Do or die, I will post Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays.
    • I will hit 25,000 followers by July 23, 2020! Follower metrics aren’t (just) a vanity thing, this number is a good indicator on whether I’m making good content!
  • YouTube: I will film in batches, with the goal of 1 video a week and a gold star if I get 6 a month (some weeks having 2 videos)
    • I will hit 1,000 subscribers by July 22, 2020!
  • Blog: I’m going to change this goal to a minimum/goal/exceeding expectations tri-level goal. The do-or-die level is 3 blog posts a week, with the goal being 4. I’ll know I’m exceeding expectations if I can do 5. All blog posts must be minimum 1,000 words.

Part 3 | Monthly//Smaller Goal Check-In

I slotted in smaller goals by month. Let’s look at how that went:


  • January:
    • Meet with ADHD Doctor: DONE!
      • (Post on ADHD meds and setting up that appt here)
    • Find a GP: NOPE
    • Meet with 3 prospective orthodontists: KIND OF!
      • Met with 1, so still a fail, but prorgress was made.
  • February:
    • Get bloodwork tested (I do this every 3-4 months) to monitor PCOS.
    • Book appointment with potential GP.
  • March:
    • Visit 2-3 equestrian parks//stables in the Salt Lake City area, to begin taking horseback riding lessons. CLOSED DUE TO COVID
    • Take one golfing lesson at the West Jordan Top Golf. CLOSED DUE TO COVID

Goal Area #2: MONEY

I failed to do almost every single thing in this list, prompting the self-reflection I talked about earlier in this post when it comes to courses.

  • January: Release Influencer Course (Self-Led)
    • NOPE
  • January: Watch Facebook Ads course from Laptop Empires
    • NOPE
  • February: Release “Get the K” Course
    • NOPE
  • February: Sell $1,000 worth of clothes on Poshmark or via Blogger Closet Sale
    • I ended up editing this, and taking clothes to a plus size resale shop. I’ll be doing a blogger closet sale later this summer.
  • March: Release Fashion Blogger Course (Self-Led)
    • NOPE
  • Monthly: Continue to grow blog presence by releasing 4 IG posts, 2 YouTube videos and 4 blog posts per week.
    • NOPE

Goal Area #3: CREATIVE

  • January: Finish all pieces for collection
    • DONE! This didn’t happen in January, but it’s now done.
  • January: Do a brand collaboration with jewelry company (I want to creative direct the shoot)
    • PASS! I tried to do this, but ended up canceling due to COVID
  • February: Travel to Portland to view photoshoot locations, as well as interview HMUAs
    • PASS! I tried to do this, but ended up canceling due to COVID
  • February: Book location for fashion collection photoshoot
    • PASS! I tried to do this, but ended up canceling due to COVID
  • March: Shoot gown i’ve made for myself that isn’t part of the collection
    • EHHH! This gown was put on the back burner due to COVID. Studio wasn’t open.
  • March: Photoshoot for collection prep (Insurance, etc)
    • PASS! I tried to do this, but ended up canceling due to COVID
  • Every Month: Continue taking voice lessons
    • DONE! I started voie lessons, and they’re paused due to self-quarantine

Goal Area #4: KNOWLEDGE

  • Every day: Read 2 articles on the BoF app
    • FAIL: I do read articles, but I haven’t set a specific time to do this.everyday. Just added to my schedule.
  • 1 hour total of language practice (I’m testing Babbel), which is around 10 minutes a day
    • PASS (kind of): While I haven’t done this every dang day, I’ve still been pretty successful.
  • February: Take a cooking class from Sur La Table with a friend or family member
    • FAIL. This is gonna have to wait for post-COVID life.

Part 4 | New/Additional Goals for 2020

Okay, so we’ve got a few new goals for the next 3 months. These have already been slotted into my calendar, so let’s discuss!

Goal #1: Pay Off Wells Fargo Credit Card

I maxes out this card in my last year of college (you gotta do what you gotta do!), and I’ve been ATTACKING it with a fervor. There is $2,392.22 left on this card. My goal, no, my MISSION is to. pay it off by May 27, 2020.

When I maxed out this card, I thought it was at 15% ish APR. Turns out because I selected “Cash Advance” (transferring money from my credit card directly to my account) it’s at a whopping 24% APR.

Heck no.

In the last two months I’ve successfully paid off $2k on this card, so I am upping the ante to get the rest of it paid off.

Let’s get moving!

<< For more information on how I’m building my credit and paying off debt, check out this post! >>

We’re breaking up, Wells Fargo!

Goal #2: Pay Off Wells Fargo Student Loan

In addition, I have a privately held student loan through WF, which has been hovering at around $1,000. I’ve had a default payment of around $50, but making that minimum payment doesn’t get us very far!

This account is at 10% APR, so it’s. next on my list of things to tackle. Once the credit card is paid off, I will move that money to tackling this loan.

My mission is to pay this off by June 30, 2020.

After that, I’ll start tackling my federal loan debt (a good $50K, yikes). This list of priorities is by APR interest rates– I’m tackling the debt with the highest interest rates first.

Goal #3: Sew Three Gowns

Because I can’t make moves for my fashion collection, I want to sew 3 gowns for myself, sharing the process on social media.

1 a month is pretty reasonable!

Disney Princess Beauty GIF by Disney - Find & Share on GIPHY

Should I Share My Calendaring Process?

This is a lot of stuff happening, and I’ve been thinking of making a video on how I schedule my life over on my YouTube channel. If you’d like to request that video, be sure to drop me a line!

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