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Earlier this year, I did a photoshoot in Little Sahara with photographer, Brittney Okabe. Brittney's creative process FASCINATES me, so I interviewed them about her work. (Note: Brittney uses both "she" and "they" pronouns.) . If you're a queer or marginalized person looking...
This year I've traveled all over the state of Utah to produce more editorial photoshoots. Recently, I went to Park City, Utah, to shoot with Visuals by Gie and Photos by Kuku. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4m_OouARKF/
I first started fashion blogging as a way to 1) connect with other folks on this here planet and 2) gain needed skills for being a fashion professional. Learning about styling, modeling/posing, working with photographers and brands – it's been invaluable. Little did you...
A few years ago, I did a plus size editorial at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Back by popular demand is editorial 2.0 from the Bonneville Salt Flats. There's just something otherworldly and witchy about this place, ya know?
A few months ago, I reviewed the business plan and strategy of Part & Parcel. You can read that post here. Today, I'm sharing a more editorial photoshoot featuring their plus size white Longline Blazer ($170) and white Cigarette Pants ($128).
I’ve been leveling up my game when it comes to photoshoots.  I used to get my outfits, pick a location and just #MakeItWork when I get on site.  But this year, I created looks with specific locations in mind, at my local Seven Peaks waterpark.
Summer is here, and that means it's time for travel and outfits that withstand the heat. And while I love a cute pair of shorts, they're not always appropriate (or comfortable) to wear. Jorts are not very breathable, my friends. Jort chafing...

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