I’m a Sagittarius, so of course I’m all about that travel! From weekend getaways in the USA, to cruises and month long escapes in Europe – we’ll cover it all!

I wrote a review of the 2017 Curvy Con over yonder, and the Curvy Con Facebook group is POPPING with folks asking really great questions about theCURVYcon. (Folks seem to spell the conference name all sorts of ways, so I am too!) Background From the about page:  Curvy Con "is a two day event that...
Mystic Hot Springs
Okay, y’all, I’ll admit it. When I look at vacation spots, one of the factors I look at is how “Grammable” the destination is.  Maybe it makes me petty that I want to have gorgeous locales in my feed, and probably more than little petty that I want to make...
Brianne Working at Coffee Shop in White Plus Size Lane Bryant Blazer
When you're a self-employed badass, you work in a lot of coffee shops.  There's a whole set of 21st century etiquette on working from a coffee shop (buying something every 3 hours, being sure to tip, etc), if you frequent them.  It's funny, because I fight the tyranny of the...

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