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We all have a badass babe in our life.  That person who cheers us on, calls us out and gets SHIT DONE. Aaaand while it's tempting to make a quick Target run for a badass babe (who doesn't love TARGET?!), the best way to...
Earlier this year, I began to see posts about a new makeup brand, Fluide.  Posts started in a secret Facebook group I'm a member of that's full of badass women, and then gradually a few of my gender non-conforming and gender non-binary friends began posting their excitement.
Well hello cuties! I talk about this a lot on my Instagram, but I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 3 years ago.  One of the (many) side effects of PCOS is deep, cystic (throbbing) acne. And while I have quite the daily skincare routine (nothing like k-beauty bloggers), every 2 ish...

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