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Today, I received an Instagram DM from a blogger bestie (after sharing some of my concerns about Universal Standard), that said, “I feel like you will personally sink their ship.” And, while this made me chuckle, because I've been doing activist work for a decade (I was NOT the favorite...
So, real talk:  Amazon totally got me hooked on Amazon Prime in college, so when it was time to pay the, like, $89 renewal fee, I sucked it up.   I fork over the cash to never have to physically enter a store.  Unless it's Target, and I'm looking to blow...
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 Yesterday, I got an email in my inbox, letting me know that the next Fashionista Con is scheduled for June.  Last year's FashionistaCon (2017) was held in November, so I wasn't expecting to get that email for a few more months. Getting that email reminded me that I hadn't ever gotten...

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